Austin Torma

Austin Torma

My name is Austin Torma from Tracy, CA and I see my self as a more versatile artist who can take on multiple elements and different art tasks.

I started 5 years ago and was introduced the industry by my friends Jonathan and Ryan (our initials represent JAR). Like everybody else I was excited to paint shoes and didn’t have the right products and completely thrashed my shoes. Then I discovered Angelus and I have elevated my skills ever since.

Back in September 2019, I had the opportunity and made an appearance on Dillon DeJesus’s YouTube channel and instantly gained a bigger audience from it. This helped create a bigger representation to my name and show what I am capable of doing.

December 2019, I decided to dedicate and go full time with my shoe customizer business. And since then I don’t regret it all. One of the best decisions I made and doing something I love.

I pour my heart out on every single pair and create a piece that someone can have a part of me from the failures and accomplishments. Nothing is better than creating dope art and “Servin’ Up Sole” (please include that slogan lol)