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George McGovern

George McGovern

TheShoeCosmetics is the only place where sneakers come for makeovers. Their cosmetics themed hand painted footwear brand has sneakers worldwide screaming: “Hey! We love makeovers too!”

The idea of customising your footwear has been around since footwear has. But why? Well. Ask yourself, why do you wear makeup?

Not only has hand painting sneakers for the last three years of George's life sharpened his artistic skills, he's also begun to understand that having the tools to allow people to express their individuality; much like makeup, enables them to feel unique, different & special.  

Standing out in an ever growing society may seem increasing tricky. As a brand they get this. Not everyone fits into the status quo. Not everyone settles for average. So why should you settle for average?

As a brand TheShoeCosmetics truly believes that standing out is one step away. Taking that one step is all it takes. Whether its standing out through your appearance, relations, financially or goals you may have. Standing out, being different, unique and special starts with you.

TheShoeCosmetics is a testament to this. Culturally as kids, teenagers and young adults we are told by our parents that going to school, getting the grades and getting a job in a well paying industry is the path to take. And while this works for many people, taking that step not to carry on with education and starting my own brand is something not everyone decides to do.