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Ian Jimenez

Ian Jimenez

When it comes to customizing, line work is key. This is exactly why Ian Jimenez, also known as IanJPaintedIt, is killing the custom game. Over the past few years, Ian’s accumulated a number of celebrity clients, and massive follower base—all because of his intricate custom work. Clean lines are a sign of a skilled artist, and Ian shows off just how precise he is in his masking tape videos.
One thing you’ll notice on Ian’s Instagram page, beyond the the 90K+ followers, are videos of him taking the tape off of his finished product to show perfectly clean paint lines. In a picture, a camo pattern might look like it's easy, but Ian’s videos show how detailed and exact recreating the infamous Bape camo pattern actually is. There’s nothing better than seeing the finished product in real time, and that’s why Ian’s views are in the millions.
Give this man a pair of Air Force 1’s, masking tape, and Angelus paint and he’s going to create wearable art!