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Kelsey Amy

Kelsey Amy

Portland, Oregon based artist Shme is the queen of custom canvas sneakers, turning anything from Vans to Cons to Janowski’s into a work of art. Shme got her start customizing canvas sneakers with a Sharpie. Through trial and error, she dialed in the artistic skills she uses today. Her canvas skills are no joke, and she’s widely recognized as one of the best new talents in the custom sneaker world. Shme’s artistic style ranges from pop art to comic book characters to tattoo flash, all done on canvas sneakers.

In 2014, Shme’s custom skills brought her down to Sneaker Con L.A. when she was invited to compete at Sneaker Con Ace of Custom competition. Shme is one of a handful of expert customizers to compete on in the event, and this is for good reason. If you’ve ever seen Shme’s work on a pair of Chuck Taylor High-Tops, her work looks like it was torn from the pages of a comic book or from the wall of an art gallery.

Visit Kelsey's website here: http://www.shmecustoms.com/