Sean Fontenot

Sean Fontenot

Sean Fontenot aka Color Me Fresh is a self-taught artist all about creation, color, and individuality. His talent was clear at a young age, but his love for art recently reignited while working a gig at ComplexCon.

His work began when he merged his love for basketball and art by customizing sneakers back in 2008. But he quickly let the fire die when the business didn’t take off. However, the pandemic gave him the pause he needed to get back to what he loves, so he picked up the brush and started customizing again.

His anime work has brought him a lot of popularity over the past year. He loves to create one-of-one concept pieces that can be praised as art. He hopes to continuously raise the bar and add a little “razzle-dazzle” to everything he creates.

Sneakers are his canvas of choice, but there are no limits – if he can paint it, he will, because everything deserves a little color.

Instagram: @ColorMeFresh