Terrell Nievera

Terrell Nievera

My name is Terrell Nievera, also known as TRAGIK1993. Born and raised in the BAY AREA and grew up around art. My dad was a designer, which him and his coworkers were part of the designing team for parts of Walt Disneyworlds structure, and artist throughout my early years and he gave me my first paintbrush at the age of 3. My dad was big into oil paints and canvases but growing up I found a different medium.

In 1993, I started graffiti and TRAGIK was born. Throughout high school, there were a few things I had a passion for which were graffiti and fashion--primarily shoes. Well, getting involved with the law countless times due to running around in the streets, the love for rattle cans was coming to an end but the beginning of the paintbrush all over again.

Circa 1997, I took my sister's nail polish and painted the stripes on my Adidas....that's when it all started. I had people stop me and asked where I got my shoes from and that was that, Ifound something that I could really get into.

Through the years, I discovered Angelus Paints and perfected my craft. I always had one focus: to make sure it didn't look painted but to look factory. Even if it was as simple as color blocking, it was my goal to make it look flawless as much as possible.

Fast forward, learning from mistakes, I found my craft and turned it into a career. I was anti social media so my only outlet was word of mouth. That went from person to person, model to model, adult video stars, musicians, and to athletes. As I continue to grow, my main focus is to stay consistent and to make sure my next pair is just as good as my last or even better!!!!