2 Year Anniversary Giveaway! April 14 2015

Thursday, April 16 will mark Angelus Direct's 2 year anniversary! It's been quite a roller coaster with lots of ups and downs, but we like to think we've made a HUGE impact in the shoe customizing community. Everything from making its existence known, spreading the know-how, and providing only the best products in the industry, we've been able to make a name for ourselves. Although it all started off as an idea that not many people supported, creating Angelus Direct has inadvertently helped Angelus Shoe Polish stay in business. The owner of Angelus Direct; Tyler, can ultimately be thanked for that. Great management, the awesome hand-picked staff, and loyal customers like YOU are what help keep US in business.

As a way to give back to our customers, we'll be doing giveaways all day long! As always, our giveaways are free to enter and will just require you to follow us on social media. So be sure to check our Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook regularly for a chance to win money and other prizes all day long.