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For the Love of V's

Oct 16, 2015

Who doesn't love the Air Jordan V? Originally, they were dropped in 1990, which was right when Jordan-mania was starting to go worldwide. MJ hit that MVP during the 90-91 season, and these iconic sneakers launched it all. Most custom artists would agree, the V's are one of the best canvases for a custom sneaker project.

(Source: sneakerscholar.com)

The V's are always going to be a classic, just ask our newly sponsored artist Astrotorf Customs. The world was blessed with these Batman and Robin themed V's they put out a couple days back, just in time for Halloween.

(Source: @astrotorfcustoms

Incredible work! And of course in 2015, the V's are worldwide. Check out these "Pauashell V's" that customizer GystForKickz put out. Thanks for giving Angelus love down on the southside of the globe!

(Source: @gystforkickz)

If you're living without the Internet, you might have slept on the Supreme x Jordan 5's that dropped today. These were the first time Jordan and the iconic New York City skateshop linked up for a collabo. Now for those people who were virtually camped out in front of their the computers or smartphones, the irony of the situation is this: even if you didn't sleep on the Supreme 5's, you probably didn't get them anyways.

(Source: highsnobiety.com)

Look at these things, very clean huh? It's no wonder the Internet hypemachine went into a full craze to try to cop a pair of these (also in Black and Camo). Unlike most Supreme drops, these weren't in all of their stores, so unless you live London, you had to have that right click point and credit number on lock. 

So there you have it! If you didn't get the chance, like almost everyone else make your own!

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