Rit Dye Recs

Rit Dye Recs

Angelus Direct has specialized in helping customers create custom pieces with Angelus Leather Dyes and Paints for over a hundred years. When it comes to fabric Rit Dye has also been the go to brand when working with woven materials, which is why Angelus Direct is now teaming up with Rit Dye to cover all your customizing needs.

With over a hundred years of experience in fabric dying Rit Dye has the dyes you need to achieve the perfect color. Rit Dyemore Synthetic Fabric Dye is formulated to work with synthetic fabrics or blends that are over 35% synthetic. This includes fabrics like polyester, acrylic, acetate, or nylon. Here are some tips on how to achieve the results you're looking for on your next project.

-Prep. Wash any fabric before dying and remove any finish on leather with leather preparer so the dye can properly adhere.

-Heat. Hot water at a consistent temperature is the key to successfully dying fabrics with Rit Dyemore Synthetic Fabric Dye. Bring the water to a boil and keep it at a high heat while dying.

-Space. Use a stainless steel pot that can hold the three gallons of water you will need for dying. Make sure there's enough space in the pot for whatever you're dying to move around so the dye can be distributed evenly.

-Ratios. Use the right amount of dye to determine how dark or light the final color will be. It's recommended that you add 4 ounces of Rit Dye to the water once it's boiling. Use 8 ounces if dying fabric that is 100% synthetic. 

-Time. You can also control the depth of the color by adjusting your dying time. Dye items between 10 and 30 minutes depending on how saturated you want the color to be.

-Finish. Wash fabric to remove any excess dye and your DIY is ready to wear. Leather Conditioner is recommended after dying as Rit Dye can dry out the leather. To really lock in color on dyed fabrics use Rit Colorstay Fixative after dying.

    You can also use Rit Dyemore on a variety of other materials, including rubber and leather. While Angelus Leather Paint has been a favorite of sneaker customizers for its ability to seamlessly transform leather uppers, it isn't designed for use on rubber soles. With Rit Dyemore now sneakers can be customized from top to bottom. The process for dying rubber is slightly different than fabric as direct heat can adversely affect the shoe. Create the dye bath on high heat and then transfer to other plastic containers for dying the soles of shoes.

    When using on leather a non permeable material it's important to prepare the surface with leather preparer or an acetone before dying so that the dye can adhere. 

    Reimagine old clothes in a new color, create your own tie dye creation or customize sneakers from the insole to the sole with clothes dye the options are limitless. Between Angelus Paints and Rit Dyemore Angelus Direct has the tools for achieving the perfect shade on your next project. Be sure to check out Angelus Direct on Instagram for the latest customs.