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Need Ideas? Check Out These Great Customs

Coming up with ideas for your next pair of customs isn't always easy.

If you need some inspiration for your next project, check out these amazing customs to get the ideas flowing.

Mighty Ducks Customs

(source: @wallychamp15)

It's knuckle puck time!

Sponsored artist @wallychamp15 designed these customs dedicated to the iconic Mighty Ducks.

If you're not sure what to do for your next pair of customs, try creating a pair dedicated to your favorite sports team, fictional or otherwise.

Bulls Custom Jordans

(source: @astrotorfcustoms)

If you're going to customize a pair of Jordans, it only makes sense to dedicate them to the man's team.

Sponsored artist @astrotorfcustoms customized these Jordans, featuring the Bulls logo on top of the classic red, white, and black color scheme.

Floral AF1

(source: @kendrascustoms)

Is there anything better than a clean floral design? The answer is no.

These black AF1s, designed by sponsored artist @kendrascustoms, feature a clean pink floral pattern on top of the classic Air Force silhouette.

Grab some pink paint to try your hand at this design.

Jordan 12 Galaxy

(source: @truebluecustoms)

This next pair of customs is truly out of this world (sorry).

Sponsored artist @truebluecustoms killed it with these Jordan "Galaxy" 12s, featuring a monochrome purple color scheme and an upper designed to look like outer space.

If you want to get started on your own similar pair of customs, start by grabbing a purple galaxy kit.

SpongeBob Kyrie 5

(source: @customicasso)

Need a little more help getting started on your next project? We've got you covered.

Miles Costales (@customicasso) stopped by the Angelus studio to create a new tutorial to show you how to create this pair of Larry the Lobster Kyrie 5s.

To see the materials and techniques used to create these customs, make sure to check out the full tutorial over on our YouTube channel.

Hopefully, these creative customs were enough to help you get some ideas for your next project.

Don't forget to follow Angelus on Instagram for more customs like these, and make sure to check out our website to grab the materials you need for your next pair of customs.

Custom Halloween Kicks

Halloween is right around the corner, so it's time to start getting your costumes ready. Whatever you're planning to dress up as, every costume can be bumped up a notch with a pair of custom Halloween kicks.

If you need some inspiration for your Halloween costume, check out these customs to get the ideas flowing.

Child's Play Customs

Child's Play is an all-time horror classic, making it the perfect choice for your Halloween customs.

These Child's Play-themed Air Force 1s, created by sponsored artist @dejesuscustomfootwear, are the perfect pair of gruesome customs to rock at the Halloween party.

Custom Joker 1s
(source: @ danielcordas)

Who's your favorite Joker? Mark Hamill and Heath Ledger are hard to beat, but Joaquin Phoenix killed it in the newest addition to the DC universe.

In any case, you can't deny that these custom Joker Jordan 1s are the perfect Halloween customs. Sponsored artist  @danielcordas nailed this depiction of Phoenix's Joker.

Halloween Yeezys
(source:  @bbizon)

It's not easy to choose from the many iconic horror movie characters, so why not pay tribute to all of them?

That's what sponsored artist  @bbizon did with these custom Yeezys. From Jason and Freddy to Michael Myers and Pennywise, these Yeezys feature some of the most famous Halloween characters of all time.

Halloween Vans
(source: @ lucha_loafers)

Sponsored artist @lucha_loafers designed these Halloween Collection custom Vans, showcasing a few of the most iconic characters the horror genre has produced over the years.

Want to try making your own? Pick up a 12 Color Assortment Kit to paint some of your favorite Halloween villains.

Halloween Vans

Jack-o-Lanterns, bats, zombies, etc... These custom Vans by @astrotorfcustoms take things back to basics by showcasing some Halloween staples.

You can get started on your own by picking up some black and orange paint along with some orange laces to tie things together.

Remember to follow Angelus on Instagram for more customs like these, and don't forget to check out our online store to grab some materials for your next project.

How to Paint a Denim Jacket in 5 Steps

Most of you are probably using our products to pain custom sneakers, but there's a whole lot more you can do with Angelus paints.

To show you how you can use Angelus paints to create customs from other materials, Jamil Austin (@ill__customz) stopped by the studio to demonstrate how to paint a denim jacket in 5 easy steps.

Keep reading to see how you can create your own custom jacket, and make sure to check out the full tutorial on our YouTube channel.

Step 1: Prep & Clean

Prep and clean

Just like customizing a pair of shoes, you want to start off by prepping and cleaning the surface of your denim jacket.

Grab a cleaning brush to wipe off any dirt and debris. You can also use masking tape to pull off debris that doesn't come off with the brush.

This step will help make sure the paint can adhere to the surface of the jacket.

Step 2: 2-Soft


Next, mix some flat white paint with Angelus 2-Soft for the base coat. You can do a rough sketch of your design with a pencil to use as a stencil for the base coat.

We recommend using a 1:1 ratio of 2-Soft and paint for fabric materials like denim. This will help your paint adhere to the denim without making it stiff.

After putting down the base coat, heat-set using a heat gun at 300 degrees for three to five minutes. 

Step 3: Sketch


After heat-setting the base coat, use a pencil to sketch the rest of your design. This step will help you avoid mistakes when painting, which are harder to correct.

Step 4: Paint


Once you're happy with your sketch, it's time to start painting your custom jacket -- just like you would for a pair of custom sneakers.

Make sure to only apply paint on top of the 2-Soft base coat in order to avoid making the fabric stiff and rigid. (Note: 2-Soft isn't necessary for small detail work.)

Step 5: Protective Coating

Protective Coating

After you finish painting, all that's left is to add a protective coating to help make sure your design lasts.

Grab a can of Water & Stain Repellent and apply an even coat over any areas that you painted. 

Rick & Morty Jacket

That's all there is to it. By following these steps, you can use your custom talents to create custom clothing and accessories.

If you want to follow along with @ill__customz to see how he made this Rick & Morty design, be sure to check out the full tutorial over on YouTube. And don't forget to follow Angelus on Instagram to see more custom projects like this.

New Customs to Start the Week

Need ideas for your next pair of customs?

Check out these customs from some of our sponsored artists to see some of the designs you can create with Angelus paints.

LeBron Lakers Custom
(source:  @wallychamp15)

Who's ready for the Lake Show?

The NBA preseason starts this week, which means we're about to get a glimpse of some of the insane duos that formed this offseason.

Sponsored artist @wallychamp15 designed these custom LeBrons which features King James alongside some Lakers legends.

Get ready for the Lakers season by picking up some purple and gold paint to make your own Lakers customs.

Back to the Future Cleats
(source:  @truebluecustoms)

If our calculations are correct, when these babies hit 88 miles per hour, you're going to see some serious...⁠ You know the rest.

Sponsored artist  @truebluecustoms made these custom Back to the Future Cleats, inspired by the classic Nike Mag.

Comic Book Customs

Disney's getting ready to launch its own streaming service next month, which means we're going to be getting some new additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

National Comic Book Day just passed, and sponsored artist @dejesuscustomfootwear designed these custom Jordans for the occasion.

Which of these heroes is your favorite? Try designing your own customs dedicated to your favorite Marvel character.

Welcome Home Air Force 1
(source:  @bbizon)

It's always good to see some customs that deviate from the standard red, white, blue, and black colorways.

Sponsored artist @bbizon designed these "Welcome Home" Air Force 1s for @aries, featuring a clean rainbow pastel color scheme.

Grab an assortment kit to try your hand at making a similar pair of customs.

Chucky Cleats
(source:  @mache275)

Halloween's still a few weeks away, but there's no reason you can't start getting ready for it now.

These custom Chucky cleats, designed by sponsored artist @mache275, are the perfect pair of cleats to wear on the field this October.

Remember to follow Angelus on Instagram to see more customs like these and check out our online store to get the materials you need for your next project.

How to Make Your Customs More Durable

Custom Jordan 4s Tutorial

Having trouble keeping your customs in good condition? Your customs can easily crack and crease if you're not careful.

To help you learn how to keep your kicks in like-new condition, Ronald Pritchett, AKA @ron_got_sole, stopped by the Angelus studio to show you how to customize and protect a pair of Jordan 4s. Ron has been in the customs game for a while, so he understands the importance of durability.

Keep reading to learn his tips and tricks for protecting your next pair of customs, and make sure to check out the full tutorial on our YouTube channel.

Leather Preparer & Deglazer

Before painting, start by preparing the shoe with Angelus Leather Preparer and Deglazer. This will get rid of the factory seal on your shoes and help paint adhere to the surface.

Start by using shoe trees to maintain the shape of your shoes and get rid of creases on the toe box.

Then, use the Leather Preparer and Deglazer to gently wipe over every area that you plan to paint. Pay special attention to high-wear areas like the toe box and ankle collar.

Once the texture changes from smooth to rubbery is when you know you've gotten rid of the factory finish. 


After you get rid of the factory finish, you can use sandpaper to remove smaller imperfections.

This will help create a smooth finish and develop small rough ridges for your paint to stick to.

Once you finish sanding, go over the shoe one more time with the Leather Preparer and Deglazer to ensure a smooth finish.

Shoe Tape

The last step you need to take before painting your customs is taping up the edges. 

Make sure to get as close to the edge as possible without overlapping with the leather. If the tape does overlap with the leather, though, you can always touch it up later.

Painting Your Customs

Now it's time to start painting your customs. Of course, you can use whatever colors you want, but, for this tutorial, Ron is using Angelus Flat Black, Do The Right Thing Yellow, Hot Pink (as the base for the red coat), and Chili Red paint.

When painting, make sure to use even, light coats, and let the paint dry before adding another coat.

The first coats will look streaky, but as you continue to build up your layers, the colors will become more saturated.

Quick Tip: For glossy colors, like Do The Right Thing Yellow, use Duller to get rid of some of the shine and make it look like the factory finish.


Not all surfaces are the same. For non-porous surfaces, like plastic or glass, 2-Hard will help paint adhere to the surface.

Ron used a 50-50 mix of 2-Hard and Flat Black paint to paint the netting on these custom 4s and make sure that the paint doesn't crack or chip.

Heat Gun

You can also use 2-Soft for softer materials, like the fabric tongue patch on these Jordan 4s. Use a 1:1 ratio when mixing 2-Soft and Angelus paints to be used on fabric surfaces.

When you use 2-Soft on fabric surfaces, it's important to heat-set the paint with a heat gun to ensure its durability. 

Detail Brush

All that's left is to take care of the details.

Make sure to use a detail brush to touch up any white spaces left after painting your customs. This will make sure your customs look like they could have come straight from the store.

Lastly, just remove the tape and your customs are finished.

By following these steps, you can create a clean pair of customs that stay in great shape for the foreseeable future.

Don't forget to follow Angelus on Instagram and check out more tutorials from artists like Ron on our YouTube channel.