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Kick Off December With These Customs

It's a new month, so that means a month's worth of new customs to share with you guys. Here are some of our favorite customs from the past few weeks to help you start December off on the right foot.

Grinch Nikes

(source: @customicasso)

You know how it goes. As soon as Thanksgiving is over, it's on to Christmas. These incredible customs by @customicasso will go perfectly with your premature Christmas decorations, so grab some fire red, blue, and Grinch green paint to get started on your own.

Smiley Face Customs

(source: @pyi2369)

There's a lot of people out there that don't care so much for winter, so these are here to remind you that summer exists and it will be coming back again soon. These customs by @pyi2369 take a fairly simple idea and turn it into a pair of incredibly unique customs. If you want to make a similar pair of customs, all you need to get started is some yellow and black paint.

Blue Diamond Air Uptempos

(source: @truebluecustoms)

Sponsored artist @truebluecustoms staying true to his name with this pair of white and blue Air Uptempos. The colorway and pattern used here are super clean and perfect for the winter. Just pick up some sapphire and dark blue paint to get going on your own similar colorway.

Astroworld Air Force 1s

(source: @bbizon)

In honor of the Astroworld Festival, our sponsored artist @bbizon brings us these incredible hand-painted Air Force 1s. These super detailed customs were made for Travis Scott himself. They might not fit the whole winter theme, but they are way too clean to leave them off of this list. If you want to recreate a similar design, you're probably going to need a 12 Color Assortment Kit.

Grinch Js

(source: @el_chivo53)

To cap things off, we have another take on some Grinch-themed customs, this time by @el_chivo53. These incredibly detailed customs bring one of the most iconic Christmas of all times to one of the most iconic pairs of shoes of all time. If you want to make your own, you'll need some autumn red, green, and blue paint.

Thanks for checking out this list and remember to follow us on Instagram for more custom inspiration. Also, check out our gifts for under $35 to find the perfect Christmas present for your artistic friend or family member.

Best Customs of November (So Far)

Just like every month, we've been tagged in hundreds of pictures on Instagram this November from artists who have used our paints to create their one-of-a-kind customs. Here are a few of our favorites from the past few weeks. Hopefully, these can give you an idea of what you can accomplish with our premium paints.

Dragon Human Race NMD

(source: @ouqier_)

Pharrell's collaborations with Adidas have produced some of the cleanest additions to their collection of NMDs. This custom pair of Human Races by @ouqier_ go a step further in creating a truly unique pair of NMDs. If you want to try creating a similar pair of customs, try picking up a 12 Color Assortment Kit.

Red Dead AF1s

(source: @artofavisionary)

Everyone's favorite new game is making an appearance on these all-black Air Force 1s by @artofavisionary. The artwork on these customs is absolutely incredible and is definitely some of the best we've seen this month. Grab some autumn red paint and orange paint to get started on your own.

Astroworld Collection

(source: @sophiesophss)

Next up is this collection of Astroworld customs by sponsored artist @sophiesophss. In honor of one of the biggest albums of the year, these customs perfectly encapsulate the aesthetic created by Travis Scott for this project. If you want to get all the colors necessary to recreate these customs, you're gonna have to grab an assortment kit.

UNC Sketch 4s

(source: @astrotorfcustoms)

Next, sponsored artist @astrotorfcustoms brings us these insane custom UNC Sketch 4s. The classic Carolina blue and white is one of the cleanest and most recognizable colorways in existence, and these customs take it a step further with the sketch effect. This artist used a mix of pale blue, royal, and white paint to recreate this classic color scheme.

Fall Vans

(source: @chadcantcolor)

Just wanted to include one more fall-inspired design before it's officially winter. These custom Vans by sponsored artist @chadcantcolor are a perfect way to close out the season. You can grab some orange paint, white paint, and brick paint to get started on a similar colorway.

Minimalist Customs

We see an incredible amount of insane customs from artists combining several of our signature colors to create intricate designs and colorways. Sometimes, though, you can accomplish a lot with only a little. Check out these customs to see how much you can accomplish with only a few colors.

Glitch 3.0s

(source: @Justwincustoms)

First up is sponsored artist @Justwincustoms with his custom Nike Glitch 3.0s. By just using our hot pink paint, you can transform a standard pair of white Air Forces into one of the cleanest customs we've ever seen. If you haven't already seen it, be sure to check out the Nike Air Force 1 Glitch Tutorial on our YouTube channel for a similar design.

Miami Nights Jordan 5

(source: @dejesuscustomfootwear)

If you don't like these, you're wrong. Sponsored Artist @dejesuscustomfootwear made these customs using only a handful of Angelus colors and was able to perfectly recreate the iconic Miami Vice color scheme. If you live around Miami, you need to wear these to your next Heat game. You can pick up some hot pink and South Beach paint to get started on a similar colorway.

Custom Air Force 1

(source: @bluethegreat)

You don't need to add color to make your customs stand out. Custom artist @bluethegreat uses only black paint here to recreate the classic Nike swoosh. If you don't want to take away from the clean all-white color scheme on you Air Forces, just grab some black paint and get creative with your illustrations.

Burnt AF1

(source: @Justwincustoms)

Sponsored artist @Justwincustoms takes the idea of altering the classic Nike swoosh in a different direction by adding some color to the logo and leaving the rest of these AF1s untouched.  Recreating this effect might be tough, but you can get started with some black, orange, and yellow paint.

Camo NMDs

(source: @alexanderjohnsondesign)

We have @alexanderjohnsondesign topping off this list with this clean pair of camo NMDs. NMDs started off with limited releases, but almost everyone has a pair by now. By making small changes like this, you can make your customs stand out. You can pick up some olive paint, brown paint, and vachetta paint to get started on something similar.

Remember to follow our Instagram for more inspiration. We post several customs like these from great artists every week.


Creative Colorways

It can get tiring seeing the same combinations of red, white, black, and blue being used in every custom colorway. Not that these colorways aren't great, they're popular for a reason. But, it's nice to see something fresh every once in a while. So, here are some of the most creative custom colorways we've seen recently.

Cartoon Network AF1s

(source: @ianjpaintedit)

First up is sponsored artist @ianjpaintedit with these custom Air Force 1s inspired by some of the most popular Cartoon Network shows from the 90s. The classic all-white Air Force is one of the most popular and iconic shoes around, and this artist shows us how you can take that blank canvas and turn it into something unique. Pick up a 12 Color Assortment Kit to get started on your own.

Neon Drip Vans

(source: @customsbyquon)

@customsbyquon shows us how you can turn a pair of plain white Vans into a statement piece. These neon drip Vans are definitely a nice break from your more standard colorways. You can grab some Angelus hot pink paint, orange paint, and yellow paint to get going on your own neon colorway.

Cheetah Print Vans

(source: @bgamecustoms)

While Vans offers a wide variety of different colorways and customization options, you won't be able to find these anywhere. @bgamecustoms uses our paints here to create a custom gradient cheetah print colorway on these Sk8-his. Angelus violet, yellow, orange, and black paints can help you get going on a similar colorway.

Dr. Seuss Vans

(source: @visionarykickz)

These color block Dr. Seuss customs Vans by @visionarykickz are a great representation of what you can do with a pair of all-white Old Skools. Pick up some green, orange, and light blue paint for a similar colorway.

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” - Dr. Seuss

Neon Wave Runners

(source: @swellguycustoms)

Some people love the new Yeezy Wave Runners, some people hate them. Either way, you're sure to love this colorway. Sponsored artist @swellguycustoms uses our paints here to put together a sick neon colorway. Check out our YouTube channel for an easy-to-follow tutorial.


Bring These Customs to Your Halloween Party

Halloween's coming up which means costume parties and contests. If you want to take your costume to the next level, you can wear some custom Halloween-inspired shoes and accessories to any upcoming Halloween parties. Check out these custom-painted shoes and accessories for some quick inspiration.

Mike Myers X Vans

(source: @10andrea26)

Michael Myers is one of Halloween's most iconic characters. This year, Mike Myers-inspired costumes are particularly relevant with the release of the newest Halloween movie. In light of this, @10andrea26 brings us these incredible Mike Myers slip-on Vans. If you want to get going on your own, all you need is some flat white, black, and autumn red paint.

Rugrats Meets Chucky

(source: @4w_rick)

These customs take a dark turn on one of the most iconic cartoons of all time. Custom-painted by @4w_rick, these shoes depict a Halloween-inspired take on Rugrats. If you want to recreate these customs on your own, you can use some autumn red paint and orange paint to get started.

Witch Purse

(source: @kendrascustoms)

Generally, we like to showcase the custom shoes that artists send to us every week, but this purse shows exactly how versatile our paints can be. If you already have your Halloween shoes picked out, use this custom purse by sponsored artist @kendrascustoms as inspiration for customizing your accessories. Use some black paint and light green paint to get started on your own custom witch-themed purse.

Jason X Vans

(source: @eclecticustoms)

@eclecticustoms brings us another pair of Vans inspired by another one of Halloween's most famous killer. Jason's iconic hockey mask is unmistakable and perfectly depicted on this pair of customs. You can grab some red paint and champagne paint to get started on a similar pair.

The Addams Family Vans

(source: @beargallery)

@beargallery depicts Wednesday and Morticia of the famous Addams on this pair of all-black vans. Everyone knows these iconic characters and they are permanently implanted in Halloween culture. If you want to create your own version of these customs, grab some black and white paint to get started.

Be sure to check out our Instagram account for more daily custom inspiration.