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How to Customize Boxing Gloves

In order to continue creating amazing customs, it's important to continue learning new techniques and ways to create unique designs. To help you do this, we have a large collection of tutorials over on our YouTube channel -- each offering new tips, tricks, and techniques for painting customs.

For this week's tutorial, Austin (also known as @jarcustoms) was nice enough to stop by the studio to teach you how to create a custom pair of boxing gloves. Customizing a pair of boxing gloves has been on our list for a while now so we're super excited to have final knock these out.

Keep reading to see how you can create these The Simpsons-inspired boxing gloves for yourself.

Leather Preparer & Deglazer

Just like customizing a pair of sneakers, you're going to want to start by preparing the leather on your boxing gloves. Otherwise, the paint will not adhere effectively to the surface. Prepping it will help avoid chipping and peeling after you're done.

To prep the gloves, use a cotton pad to apply an even layer of Leather Preparer and Deglazer to any area that you plan to paint.


After applying the Leather Preparer and Deglazer, you can use masking tape to tape off the bottom section of the gloves.

By using masking tape and paper towels to separate the bottom and the top of the gloves, you can prevent paint from dripping down into unwanted areas.


Once the gloves are prepared, it's time to start painting.

For this project, Austin started by using an airbrush with a mixture of paint and 2-Thin to paint over the wrist section. Since the wrist section is black, start with a layer of gray paint, then light gray, before finally moving on to white. This will make sure the base is completely covered.

Apply two to three coats of each color, and let each layer completely dry before applying another.


Next, Austin used a mixture of light blue, white, blue, and 2-Thin to create a sky blue base for the wrist section.

Again, be sure to apply multiple light coats and allow each coat to completely dry before applying another.


Next, it's time to move on from the airbrush and start painting your design.

For this project, Austin painted the wrist section to mimic the classing The Simpsons opening sequence. He also used a custom Everlast stencil to finish off the section.

Of course, if you want to paint a different design, you don't have to stick with the same theme.

*Note: For that classic The Simpsons yellow, use a 60/40 mixture of yellow and maize paint.


Now, it's time to transfer your design to the top portion of the glove. To do this, Austin made custom stencils to easily transfer his sketch over to the gloves.

To make a quick custom stencil, place masking tape over a section of your sketch, use a pencil to sketch the outline of your design, then use a detail knife to cut out the stencil.

Using the Stencil

To use the stencil, simply tape it on to the glove, and use your airbrush to fill it in with a flat white base coat.

Then, use a brush to fill in all of the finer details in the stencil. You can repeat this step as many times as necessary to complete the rest of your design.

Acrylic Finisher

Lastly, once you've finished painting your design, use an airbrush to apply a final layer of Matte Acrylic Finisher.

This acrylic finisher will act as a clear protective top coat to protect the gloves from minor scuffs and scratches.

Once the finisher dries, your gloves are done and ready to go.

Custom Boxing Gloves

For a more detailed walkthrough on how to create these custom boxing gloves, make sure to check out the full tutorial on our YouTube channel.

Don't forget to follow Angelus on Instagram, and make sure to check out our online store to grab the products you need for your next project.

Custom Air Jordan 1 Tutorial + More Great Customs

Custom Air Jordan 1 Elephant Print

If you're new to making customs or you just need ideas for your next project, our custom tutorials on our YouTube channel are a great way to practice your skills while creating amazing sneakers.

In one of our latest tutorials, sponsored artist @kattycustoms walks you through as she customizes a pair of Air Jordan 1 High Bloodlines. Check out the full tutorial to find out what materials you need to create these customs and see how you can use detail brushes to create some interesting patterns.

Bape Air Force 1s
(source: @ianjpaintedit)

Brand collabs make for some of the best drops every year, but some of the best collabs are the ones made by our sponsored artists.

For example, check out these Valentine's Day Air Force 1s by sponsored artist @ianjpaintedit, featuring a pink Bape camo design on the upper, red leather laces, and gold aglets to cap off the design.

European Air Jordan 1
(source: @kattycustoms⁠)⁠

Sometimes, you have to think outside of the box to create an original pair of customs -- just like @kattycustoms did with these custom Jordan 1s.

These customs feature the European map laid out across a pair of Jordan 1s -- not something you normally see on a pair of customs.

If you want to create your own similar pair, make sure to pick up a 12 color assortment kit to get all the colors you need.

Galactic Coastline
(source: @bbizon)

It's always a good day when sponsored artist @bbizon drops a new pair of customs.

For this unique pair of customs, this artist's customer wanted something featuring the beach and outer space together, leading to the creation of the “Galactic Coastline” Air Force 1s.

These clean customs feature the coastline starting at the toe and blending into outer space as it moves towards the heel. This unique combo will definitely be one of the most original pairs of customs you'll see in a while.

Lego Air Force 1
(source: @kingdom_made)

You don't always need to change up the entire colorway or paint a complex design to make a clean pair of customs. Sometimes, a small change makes a major difference.

For Nike shoes, one of the best ways to make your customs stand out is to play around with the classic Swoosh logo. Sponsored artist @kingdom_made designed these custom Air Force 1s, featuring a Lego Swoosh to take them to the next level.

Don't forget to follow Angelus on Instagram to see more customs like these, and check out our online store to grab the tools and materials you need to create your own pair of customs.

How to Customize Your Nintendo Switch Case

DIY: Super Mario Custom Nintendo Switch Travel Case | Angelus Paint

Angelus paints can be used for a lot more than customizing a pair of sneakers. From clothes to furniture to accessories, you can customize nearly anything with the right tools.

To show you how flexible our paints and other products can be, Andrea (@10andrea26) stopped by the Angelus studio to show you how to create a custom Super Mario Nintendo Switch case.

Keep reading for a quick walkthrough, and make sure to check out the full tutorial on our YouTube channel for more detailed instructions.


Since Nintendo Switch cases are made of a soft, mesh-like material, you're going to need to mix your paint of choice with Angelus 2-Soft before applying your base coat. Mix 2-Soft with your paint at a 1:1 ratio for best results. For this project, Andrea used Cream for the base coat.

Apply several coats to make sure the case is evenly covered, then use a heat gun at 300º F for 3-5 minutes to set the base coat.

Flat White Paint

After the 2-Soft mixture is set, go ahead and apply a new layer of Flat White paint. For this coat, you don't need any 2-Soft as the base coat will serve as a good foundation for the rest of your paint.

Sketch Your Design

Next, before you start painting, it's always a good idea to sketch out your design on the case using a pen or sketching pencils.

Free-hand painting is, of course, always an option, but it's more difficult to correct mistakes once the paint is already on the case.

Paint Your Design

Next, it's time to start painting your design. For this project, Andrea decided to do a Super Mario-themed custom, but you can paint any design you want.

If you want to try to replicate this design, you'll need to pick up some Green, Light Green, Turquoise, Grey, Red, Yellow, and Blue paint (you can grab a 12 color assortment kit to get all the colors you need for this project).

Paint Marker

To add the outline to your design, combine Flat Black paint with Angelus 2-Thin in a 1:1 ratio and pour the mixture into a paint marker. 2-Thin will help the paint flow seamlessly through the marker so that there aren't any breaks in your outline.

Once your mixture is ready to go, you can use the paint marker to add all of the finer details to your design.

High Gloss Finisher

Lastly, apply a layer of our High Gloss Acrylic Finisher to give the case a nice, clean, glossy finish. After the finisher sets, your custom case is finished and ready to take on the road.

Finished Case

Once again, make sure to check out the full tutorial on our YouTube channel for a more detailed walkthrough and check out Andrea's Instagram to see more of her great custom projects.

And don't forget to follow Angelus on Instagram and check out our online store to grab the materials you need to create your next project.

Neon 1s + More Great Customs

Looking for ideas for your next pair of customs?

Our sponsored artists are constantly working to create new, unique designs to share with the world. From neon Jordan 1s to marble Vans, check out some of our recent favorite customs below.

Neon Jordan 1s

(source: @astrotorfcustoms)

For a unique, bright design, sponsored artist @astrotorfcustoms blacked out a pair of Jordan 1s and used a variety of neon paints to create strong accents.

If you want to try making your own similar design, check out our collection of neon paints to grab the colors you need for your neon customs.

Rainbow Louis Vuitton Cleats

(source: @solesbysir)

Custom cleats are a great way for players to express themselves on the field, and sponsored artist @solesbysir helped @juice_landry do that with these custom rainbow Louis V cleats that he rocked during the NFL Pro Bowl.

Custom Yeezy Wave Runner

(source: @wallychamp15)

There are a lot of official Yeezy colorways, but some of the best color schemes are the customs made by artists⁠ around the country.

These custom Wave Runners, by sponsored artist @wallychamp15, feature a clean green/earthy colorway that stays true to the toned-down colors that the Yeezy brand is known for.

Jurassic Park Vans

(source: @lucha_loafers⁠)

Jurassic Park is an all-time classic and has remained a major part of pop culture since the original dropped in 1993.

Sponsored artist @lucha_loafers paid homage to this classic with a pair of incredibly detailed Jurassic Park-themed Vans.

Grab a 12 color assortment kit if you want to try creating your own movie-themed customs.

Marble Vans

(source: @ianjpaintedit⁠)

Last on the list, sponsored artist @ianjpaintedit⁠ took a pair of classic Vans Old Skools and brought them to the next level with a super clean and original marble effect.

If you're having trouble coming up with ideas for customs, try playing around with effects like this rather than just changing up color schemes.

Don't forget to follow Angelus on Instagram to see more customs like these, and check out our online store to pick up the materials you need for your next project.

Christmas Customs + New Giveaway!

With Christmas just five days away, now's the perfect time to go over some great Christmas-themed customs from some of our sponsored artists.

If you're looking for the perfect gift idea or you just want to make something in order to get in the Christmas spirit, make sure to check out these customs for some ideas.

Also, be sure to stay tuned to learn about our Christmas giveaway and how you can win!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Yeezy Boost 350 V2

(source: @kattycustoms)

We all have the sweater, now it's time for the shoes!

Sponsored artist Nicolle (aka @kattycustoms) stopped by the Angelus studio again to create a new tutorial for these Ugly Christmas Sweater Yeezy Boost 350 V2s.

Check out the full tutorial on our YouTube channel and follow along to see the tools and techniques she used to make these amazing customs.

Custom Christmas Cleats

(source: @solesbysir)

The season keeps rolling despite the holidays, so sponsored artist @solesbysir designed these Christmas-themed cleats to help Jahleel Addae of the Houston Texans stay in the holiday spirit during this weekend's games.

Grab some red, green, blue, and yellow paint to get started on your own similar customs.

Christmas Vans Sk8-Hi

(source: @dejesuscustomfootwear)

These Vans Sk8-His by sponsored artist @dejesuscustomfootwear might be the ultimate Christmas shoe.

These customs feature some Christmas classics, including the Grinch, candy cane stripes, an ugly sweater pattern, and more.

If you want to try creating a similar pair of customs, start by picking up a 12 color assortment kit.

Gingerbread 1's

(source: @kattycustoms)

In addition to the Ugly Sweater Yeezys, @kattycustoms also stopped by the Angelus studio last year to create a tutorial for these Gingerbread Air Jordan 1s.

Check out the tutorial on our YouTube channel to see the paint colors and tools she used to create these incredibly clean holiday-inspired 1s.

Christmas Giveaway

This Christmas, Angelus is giving away an Angelus Starter kit and some Angelus swag to the person with the best Christmas rhyme.

To enter:

  1. Like the giveaway post on our Instagram
  2. Follow @angelusdirect & @angelusstyles
  3. Drop your rhymes in the comment section below the post

That's all there is to it. Make sure to follow these three rules for your chance to win the prize!

Also, make sure to check out our online store to pick up the materials you need to make the perfect holiday gift.