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Sponsored Artist Spotlight: Dejesus Customs

Daniel and Dillon Dejesus are the brothers that make up Chicago based Dejesus Customs. Started in 2011, they've made a name for themselves in the sneaker world. With backgrounds in visual arts and design they bring their expertise to creating some of the most creative customs around.

Their work can often be seen on the field, as their custom cleats are a favorite of many NFL players. They also have a popular YouTube channel where they share tutorials showing just how they create their popular designs.

Here are some of their latest designs and the Angelus Direct products they use to create them.


(source: dejesuscustomfootwear

These custom Detroit Pistons Jordan 3’s take inspiration from one of their all time favorite NBA Jerseys. Featuring the Pistons logo and a mesh style design on the uppers in grey and turquoise, this design uses a multi-layer stencil to get all the elements right.

(source: dejesuscustomfootwear) 

Speaking of sports cleats are one of their specialties and these cleats prove the point. These pairs for Quandre Diggs of the Seattle Seahawks take two different, but similar approaches in terms of design. One plays with a repeating swoosh in white, neon green and navy, while the other combines a fade on on the toe and heel with a graphic white design.

(source: dejesuscustomfootwear) 

Athletics aren't the only place they get inspiration. These Matisse paper cut inspired customs have an artistic touch in all white and blue. With the blue figures on the uppers and soles, this design dominates the shoe. A blue accent on the heel compliments the design.

To see more customs like these, make sure to follow Angelus on Instagram and tag us in your own custom creations.

Baby Yoda Vans + More of the Best Customs from This Week

From Baby Yoda custom Vans to personalized Pikachu cleats, sneaker artists have been busy over the past week creating some incredible and unique custom sneaker designs.

Check out some of our favorite customs from this week below, and grab the materials you need to create your own from our online store.

Baby Yoda Custom Vans
(source: @kendrascustoms)

With the return of The Mandalorian, everyone's favorite baby alien is back, and sponsored artist @kendrascustoms created the perfect pair of customs for the occasion.

The custom Baby Yoda Vans take advantage of the Vans Slip-On's blank canvas toe box to create an incredibly detailed and artistic recreation of one of the newer additions to the Star Wars universe.

Doug Jordan 1 Mid

Combining two classics will always result in something great, and that's what sponsored artist @astrotorfcustoms did with these custom Doug x Jordan 1 Mids.

Featuring a detailed painting of Doug and his friends hanging out at their favorite spot, Honker Burger, these custom 1s are a perfect homage to the classic 90s cartoon.

The Office AF1 Mid
(source: @sab_one)

"You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take." - Michael Scott

Sponsored artist @sab_one created these custom The Office-themed Air Force 1s, featuring a variety of details pulled from the show. A notebook paper pattern stretches across both toe boxes, with The Office branding and Michael Scott's favorite joke across the top.

The Office Sideview
(source: @sab_one)

From the side, you can see other details, including Dunder Mifflin and Schrute Farms branding alongside repainted Nike Swooshes. The design is capped off with The Office-branded bathroom signs on the insoles.

Rainbow Neon Jordans
(source: @kattycustoms)

Neon paint is a great way to make a colorway pop. Sponsored artist @kattycustoms painted these custom Jordan 5s, featuring a rainbow neon colorway over a flat back base.

If you want to learn how to create your own neon customs, make sure to check out our tutorial on How to Turn Your Kicks Vibrant NEON.

Pikachu Custom Cleats

Sponsored artist @dejesuscustomfootwear is responsible for some of the cleanest custom cleats to ever touch the field -- including these custom Pikachu cleats created for Eric Ebron of the Steelers.

Featuring a lightning bolt Swoosh, a yellow lightning base design, and paintings of Pikachu on the ankles, these custom cleats are the perfect way to revisit a childhood classic.

Make sure to follow Angelus on Instagram to see more great customs like these, and don't forget to watch some of our tutorials to pick up some new customizing tips and tricks.

Custom Jordan 1 Tutorial + More Great Customs

Ready to take your Jordan 1 lows to the next level?

Enzo from @ehkcustoms came through to show you how to create a custom pair of Shattered Backboard 3.0s. Plus, we have a few more great pairs of customs to give you some inspiration for your next project.

Check them out below.

Shattered Backboard Lows

The OG Shattered Backboards are one of the best Jordan 1 colorways of all time, and by following this tutorial, you can recreate it with a pair of Jordan 1 lows.

@ehkcustoms walks you through prepping, painting, and finishing this pair of custom lows, including an extra twist to build off of the original color scheme.

Jason Vorhees Cleats

(source: @solesbysir)

Daron Payne is bringing the fright to the field with these custom cleats designed by sponsored artist @solesbysir.

The custom Jordan cleats feature a portrait of the infamous Jason Voorhees over a bloody red and white background.

Italian Flag Nikes

(source: @wallychamp15)

Sponsored artist @wallychamp15 created these custom Italy-inspired Air Max 90s, featuring a red, white, and green colorway based on the country's flag, plus a map of the country painted across the upper.

Friday the 13th Nike SB

(source: @truebluecustoms)

Sponsored artist @truebluecustoms created this killer pair of Nike SBs.

Offering another take on Jason Voorhees-inspired customs, these Nike SBs feature a bloody red and black color scheme, Friday the 13th branding, and Jason's iconic hockey mask on the tongues.

X-Ray Air Force 1

(source: @justwincustoms)

Sponsored artist @justwincustoms designed these x-ray Air Force 1s, featuring an x-ray image of a foot laid over the tongue and toe box. To finish these Halloween customs off, the artist swapped the laces out for two metal bolts and added spiked to the heels.

Grab some light green paint to get started on your own similar design.

Make sure to follow Angelus on Instagram to see more great customs like these, and stop by our website to grab the materials you need for your next customs.

Create What You Can't Have: Best Custom Projects (September 2020)

Creating your own custom projects is the best way to get your hands on the sneakers and accessories that match your personal style. Whether you're after an AF1 colorway that doesn't exist, or you have a dream designer collab in mind, making it yourself is often the only way to get it done.

With that in mind, check out some of our favorite customs from this month below to get some inspiration for your next big project.

Custom Barstool

While a lot of artists stick to sneakers, you can customize almost anything as long as it's made up of the right materials.

Sponsored artist @swellguycustoms stopped by earlier this month to create a tutorial showcasing how you can use Angelus paints to customize a faux leather barstool, and you can apply these techniques to pretty much any faux leather product.

Check out the full tutorial to see the tools and techniques you can use to recreate this unique project.

Jordan x Dior Custom Cleats

(source: @truebluecustoms)

Miss out on the Jordan 1 x Dior collaboration that dropped earlier this year?

This was one of the biggest collabs in recent history, but it was almost impossible to get your hands on. Fortunately, though, you can always recreate it for yourself.

Sponsored artist @truebluecustoms designed these custom cleats, featuring many of the same details from the original Jordan x Dior collab, including Dior-branded Swooshes, Air Dior branding, and a clean grey and white colorway.

Black Panther Balenciaga Runners

(source: @danielcordas)

With roles like the Black Panther and Jackie Robinson, Chadwick Boseman was a brilliant artist who inspired millions of people around the world.

To pay tribute to the late actor, sponsored artist @danielcordas designed these custom Balenciaga Runners, featuring an incredible illustration of one Chadwick Boseman's most iconic characters -- the Black Panther.

Halloween Custom Vans

(source: @lucha_loafers)

October is right around the corner, meaning now is a great time to start getting your Halloween customs ready.

Sponsored artist @lucha_loafers painted these custom Vans Slip-Ons, featuring some of the most recognizable villains of all time, from Hannibal Lecter to Freddy Krueger.

Cactus Jack Air Force 1

(source: @jaygotkustoms)

The Cactus Jack x McDonald's crossover is one of the weirder collabs we've seen yet, but that didn't stop the hype beasts from swarming McDonald's for a regular cheeseburger.

One good thing to come from this collab is this pair of custom Air Force 1s designed by @jaygotkustoms. These customs feature McDonald's x Travis Scott branding and a clean yellow, white, and brown color scheme to match the theme.

To see more great customs like this, make sure to follow Angelus on Instagram, and grab the materials you need for your next project from our online store.

How to Paint a Denim Jacket in 5 Steps

Most of you are probably using our products to pain custom sneakers, but there's a whole lot more you can do with Angelus paints.

To show you how you can use Angelus paints to create customs from other materials, Jamil Austin (@ill__customz) stopped by the studio to demonstrate how to paint a denim jacket in 5 easy steps.

Keep reading to see how you can create your own custom jacket, and make sure to check out the full tutorial on our YouTube channel.

Step 1: Prep & Clean

Prep and clean

Just like customizing a pair of shoes, you want to start off by prepping and cleaning the surface of your denim jacket.

Grab a cleaning brush to wipe off any dirt and debris. You can also use masking tape to pull off debris that doesn't come off with the brush.

This step will help make sure the paint can adhere to the surface of the jacket.

Step 2: 2-Soft


Next, mix some flat white paint with Angelus 2-Soft for the base coat. You can do a rough sketch of your design with a pencil to use as a stencil for the base coat.

We recommend using a 1:1 ratio of 2-Soft and paint for fabric materials like denim. This will help your paint adhere to the denim without making it stiff.

After putting down the base coat, heat-set using a heat gun at 300 degrees for three to five minutes. 

Step 3: Sketch


After heat-setting the base coat, use a pencil to sketch the rest of your design. This step will help you avoid mistakes when painting, which are harder to correct.

Step 4: Paint


Once you're happy with your sketch, it's time to start painting your custom jacket -- just like you would for a pair of custom sneakers.

Make sure to only apply paint on top of the 2-Soft base coat in order to avoid making the fabric stiff and rigid. (Note: 2-Soft isn't necessary for small detail work.)

Step 5: Protective Coating

Protective Coating

After you finish painting, all that's left is to add a protective coating to help make sure your design lasts.

Grab a can of Water & Stain Repellent and apply an even coat over any areas that you painted. 

Rick & Morty Jacket

That's all there is to it. By following these steps, you can use your custom talents to create custom clothing and accessories.

If you want to follow along with @ill__customz to see how he made this Rick & Morty design, be sure to check out the full tutorial over on YouTube. And don't forget to follow Angelus on Instagram to see more custom projects like this.