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Angelus Tutorials: Hand Painted Gaming Headset

While you're probably familiar with all the ways Angelus Paint can be used to create custom leather pieces, from wallets to sneakers, Angelus Paint can also be used on other materials, like plastic. This custom gaming headset is the perfect example of just what you can do.

Follow these steps to create your own.


-Masking tape

-Detail knife



-Spray paint primer

-Graphite Paper

-Angelus 2-Hard

-Angelus Mirco Detail Paint Brush Set

-Angelus Paint

-Matte 4-Coat


1. Prep

Taping is the first step, especially when you're going to be using an airbrush and there might be some overspray. Use masking tape to cover any areas you don't want painted. This includes any buttons you don't want painted, which can be covered with a piece of tape and then cut out using a detail knife.

2. Deglaze

Once the surface you want to paint is the only thing exposed use some deglazer to prepare the surface by applying it with a cotton ball.

3. Sand

To make sure the paint properly adheres to the plastic lightly sand and add a light coat of white spray paint primer.

4. Apply the design

For this tutorial we're using graphite paper to transfer the design to the surface of each headphone. Just take the design you want to use, like this sketch of a cobra, place it over the graphite paper and place that on top of the surface. When you trace around the design it will be transferred to the headphones. 

5. Paint

When painting on plastic be sure to add Angelus 2-Hard to your paint, then paint your design. Brushes like those in the Angelus Mirco Detail Paint Brush Set can be great when painting fine details, like the ones in this design. For this design each headphone gets painted with a cobra design and the metal plate like grid background on the cobra extends to the headband. Flat black around the headphones gives these a finishing touch.

6. Finishing

To finish and protect your design use Matte 4-Coat for a scratch resistant clear coat. 

More Custom Tutorials

If you want to see more custom tutorials like this one, make sure to subscribe to the Angelus YouTube channel to learn tips and techniques.

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You Can Customize That?

Unexpected customs can go well beyond sneakers. Turn almost anything into a special piece, from boxing gloves to gaming consoles. There's no limit to what you can customize with the right Angelus Products.

(source: @ericxdinero)

Artist @ericxdinero is keeping things fresh with this Simpsons electric shaver. The key is getting that Simpsons yellow just right. And of course no barber shop is complete without a barber pole, like this one in red, white and blue.

(source: @marangon_stefano_art)

There's no more fitting canvas for a portrait of Muhammad Ali than a boxing glove. This silver glove by @marangon_stefano_art makes the perfect background for this custom piece and allows the red boxing gloves and white flashing lights in the crowd to really stand out.

(source: @drip.onkicks)

A Spongebob PS5? If you're a gamer and Spongebob fan it's an obvious choice. This happy sponge uses a combination of yellow and neon green to create that classic cartoon look. Finish him off with a clean white button up and some brown paints and you have everyone's favorite sea sponge, complete with controller.

For more one of a kind designs follow Angelus Styles on Instagram.