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Angelus Holiday Gift Guide (Under $35)

The holidays are coming up fast, so if you haven't already bought gifts, it's time to stop procrastinating.

If you're not sure what to buy, we've got you covered. We offer a bunch of great gifts  under $35 for the artists in your life.

Check out this list for some great, affordable holiday gift ideas.

If you know someone new to customizing and restoring sneakers, the Angelus Starter Kit is a perfect holiday gift.

This kit includes three paints, acrylic finisher, Easy Cleaner, Leather Preparer and Deglazer, a cleaning brush, and a paintbrush set -- everything you need to get started on your first pair of customs.

If you don't need to pick up all of the essentials, the 12 Color Assortment Kit is the perfect alternative to the starter kit.

You can choose 12 colors of your choice to put in your kit, which is enough to create a variety of different combinations. Whether you're customizing your Jordans or working on a restoration, our 12 Color Assortment Kit is your best choice.

The Angelus Easy Cleaner Kit provides all the products you need for basic shoe cleaning and care.

This kit includes one bottle of Easy Cleaner, a cleaning brush, and a premium microfiber towel. Perfect for anyone looking to keep their shoes nice and clean.

Wagner’s Furno 300 is a basic heat tool designed to apply focused heat for custom projects and is an essential tool in every artist's toolbox.

Be it for speeding up drying times or setting some Angelus 2-Soft, a heat gun is an incredibly useful tool for creating customs.

Last but not least, it's hard to go wrong with a gift card. Angelus gift cards are available for $10, $20, $50, and $100.

If you're not sure what to get, grab a gift card and let your friend decide what they need.

Hopefully, this list gave you a few good ideas for affordable holiday gifts.

If you want to take a look at some other gift ideas, check out our online store for more gifts under $35. And don't forget to follow Angelus on Instagram to see how you can use these gifts to create some amazing pairs of customs.

DIY Halloween Costume Tutorial

DIY Halloween Costume

If you're still looking for the perfect Halloween costume, why not try making it yourself?

To help you get ready for Halloween, Bryan Phillips (@swellguycustoms) stopped by to show you how to make a custom pair of Joker Vans, a custom mask, and a pumpkin.

Keep reading to see how to make these customs for yourself, and make sure to check out the full video for a more in-depth walkthrough.

Painting Canvas

To start, you're going to want to paint the upper-mid section of your Sk8-His in the same color as Joker's vest.

Blend Buttercup and Yellow paint with an equal amount of 2-Soft. 2-Soft thins out the paint mixture so that it soaks into the canvas without making the shoe stiff.

Once you finish painting this section, use a heat gun at 300 degrees to set the paint on the canvas.

Red Toe Cap

Next, use a mixture of Raspberry, Red, and 2-Soft to paint the canvas toecap and tongue.

Just like before, you're going to want to use a heat gun to make sure the paint sets before moving on.

Painting Leather

For the last color, use a mixture of Green, White, and Collector Edition Aqua 8. Use this mixture to paint the Vans wave and the inside of the shoe.

Important: Since these areas of the shoe are leather, use some Leather Preparer and Deglazer before painting to ensure the paint sticks and looks good.

Painting the Side of the Shoe 

For the final touch, use some Fire Red paint to add some iconic Joker lines to the side of your custom Vans. This last detail will make your customs truly represent the Joker.

For this pair, Bryan went with "Put on a happy face," but you can do whichever line you want.

Joker Pumpkin

These custom Joker Vans are amazing on their own, but if you want to see how you can complete your costume and decorations, be sure to check out Bryan's full tutorial to see how you can make your own Joker-themed Halloween mask and pumpkin.

Don't forget to follow Angelus on Instagram for more great customs and tutorials, and be sure to stop by our online store to pick up the materials you need to create your custom Halloween costume.

Custom Halloween Kicks

Halloween is right around the corner, so it's time to start getting your costumes ready. Whatever you're planning to dress up as, every costume can be bumped up a notch with a pair of custom Halloween kicks.

If you need some inspiration for your Halloween costume, check out these customs to get the ideas flowing.

Child's Play Customs

Child's Play is an all-time horror classic, making it the perfect choice for your Halloween customs.

These Child's Play-themed Air Force 1s, created by sponsored artist @dejesuscustomfootwear, are the perfect pair of gruesome customs to rock at the Halloween party.

Custom Joker 1s
(source: @ danielcordas)

Who's your favorite Joker? Mark Hamill and Heath Ledger are hard to beat, but Joaquin Phoenix killed it in the newest addition to the DC universe.

In any case, you can't deny that these custom Joker Jordan 1s are the perfect Halloween customs. Sponsored artist  @danielcordas nailed this depiction of Phoenix's Joker.

Halloween Yeezys
(source:  @bbizon)

It's not easy to choose from the many iconic horror movie characters, so why not pay tribute to all of them?

That's what sponsored artist  @bbizon did with these custom Yeezys. From Jason and Freddy to Michael Myers and Pennywise, these Yeezys feature some of the most famous Halloween characters of all time.

Halloween Vans
(source: @ lucha_loafers)

Sponsored artist @lucha_loafers designed these Halloween Collection custom Vans, showcasing a few of the most iconic characters the horror genre has produced over the years.

Want to try making your own? Pick up a 12 Color Assortment Kit to paint some of your favorite Halloween villains.

Halloween Vans

Jack-o-Lanterns, bats, zombies, etc... These custom Vans by @astrotorfcustoms take things back to basics by showcasing some Halloween staples.

You can get started on your own by picking up some black and orange paint along with some orange laces to tie things together.

Remember to follow Angelus on Instagram for more customs like these, and don't forget to check out our online store to grab some materials for your next project.

Highlighting Some of December's Best Customs

December has been a great month for customs. From sponsored artists and fans of our products, we've seen an incredible amount of original customs that deserve to be seen. Check out this list of some of our favorite customs from the last month of the year.

Wavy Waverunners

(source: @danielcordas)

The Yeezy Wave Runners had mixed opinions when they came out, but I can't see anybody not messing with these. Credit for the incredible design on these customs goes to our sponsored artist @danielcordas. Grab some white, blue, and light blue paint if you want to give this design a shot.

Teal 11s

(source: @kattycustoms)

Sometimes the best customs are the simplest. Sponsored artist @kattycustoms always brings the brightest colors to her designs and these 11s are no different. The turquoise and white colorway is one of the cleanest we've seen.

Watercolor 11s

(source: @wallychamp15)

It's always great to see a unique design and these customs by sponsored artist @wallychamp15 definitely fit the bill. This artist uses a variety of our high-quality paints to create a gradient watercolor effect on these all-white 11s.

Woodgrain AF1s

(source: @kingdom_made)

Next up is sponsored artist @kingdom_made with one of the most original designs we've seen in a minute. This artist took some classic AF1s and transformed them with a colorway made up of gold, wood grain, and a checkerboard pattern topped off with a yellow lace swap.

Rugrats PG 13s

(source: @sierato)

If this pair of customs doesn't show you what can be accomplished with our paints then nothing will. Sponsored artist @sierato designed and painted an incredibly detailed depiction of this classic cartoon on a pair of PG 13s. Grab a 12 color assortment kit and see what you can accomplish.

Remember to follow us on Instagram where we post several designs every week by artists across the country.

Christmas Customs

With Christmas coming up, our sponsored artists have been busy putting together some relevant designs. These talented artists have transformed some of your favorite shoes into incredible holiday symbols.
Check out these customs for some inspiration this holiday season.
Grinch Cleats
(source: @solesbysir)
These custom cleats were made by sponsored artist @solesbysir for Jamar Taylor of the Denver Broncos for Monday's Christmas Eve game. Thankfully, the NFL has granted players some leeway recently so we can see these incredible cleats on the field. If you want to put together a similar design, start with some light green and black paint.
Christmas Jordans
(source: @kattycustoms)
Sponsored artist @kattycustoms put together these custom Jordans just in time for Christmas. The green upper, candy cane heel, and white sole is the perfect colorway for the holiday season.
Baby Grinch 13s
(source: @noelitoo_)
Next up is these custom Jordans by @noelitoo_. These Baby Grinch 13s are a great way to spread some holiday spirit over the next week. If you like this colorway as much as we do, you can grab some light green and fire red paint to design a similar pair of customs.
Christmas Foamposites
(source: @kattycustoms)
Lastly, we have @kattycustoms again with these Christmas-themed foamposites. With a green upper, light green mid, candy cane swoosh, and Christmas lights mid-sole, these customs have everything you need for Christmas. 
We keep our Instagram up-to-date with submissions from sponsored artists and fans of our products. Make sure to follow us for a constant stream of incredible artwork and inspiration.

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