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Custom Leather Furniture

As durable as leather can be, when not properly cared for it can develop scratches and stains. If you have a worn in piece of leather furniture or find one you would like to salvage, leather paint and dye can give it new life.



Keep things monochromatic by painting it a single color or use multiple coats and taping or stencils to add a design. Because you get to choose the color and pattern, this is a great way to create a custom piece of furniture especially designed for your space. So you can take that red couch that never quite worked in your living room and give it the makeover it’s always needed.

(source: pinterest) 

There are endless options when customizing a piece of furniture. You can choose to take inspiration from the time period the piece is from. This sixties era chair was given a fittingly sixties redo with a bright blue that could easily have been the original color.

(source: ApartmentTherapy)

You can also use paint as a chance to modernize an older piece with a new color or finish. Like this midcentury inspired couch that was originally black, but got a sleek new tan finish.


Pattern is another way to take a piece of furniture and make it completely your own, like this stenciled leather arm chair.

Much like leather shoes, there are a few steps you need to follow to ensure the paint or dye adheres properly. Always deglaze the leather first. This step will make sure that any finish is removed and give the paint a clean canvas. After painting use an Acrylic Finisher to both protect the new paint job and give it the finish you want. That could be a High Gloss or a Matte, depending on what look you’re going for.