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On the Money

From sneakers to bags, there are all sorts of leather items and accessories you can customize. Wallets are great accessory to personalize and their size and shape make them quick and easy projects. Transform a logo covered luxury wallet to make it your own or create a one of a kind piece with a wallet at any price point, it's all about what you do with it.

(source: @fatamiii_87)

Bambi and Thumper add a sweet touch to this Goyard card case in white and grey. @fatamiii_87 hand-painted each character in grey and tan with pink accents to recreate that classic look of early Disney animation. Careful placement of the characters allows you to see the Goyard logo, while also adding a unique touch.

(source: @boyarde)

Cleans lines and an expertly executed gradient make the red initials on this wallet by @boyarde stand out. The tennis theme further personalizes this otherwise simple black wallet with a racket and that classic tennis ball yellow. This custom proves you don't need a designer wallet to create a polished, personalized piece. 

(source: @snowsheepart)

Few logos have the brand recognition that Louis Vuttion does and this custom wallet plays off that timeless logo with the addition an NFT inspired design. @snowsheepart added a hand-painted design in peach and turquoise influenced by the @hasbulla.hushetskiy NFT collection.

To see more customs like these make sure to follow Angelus on Instagram and tag us in your own custom creations.⁠

Bag it Up!

The right luxury handbag can be everything from an investment piece to a statement piece. Customized designer handbags can take an already hard to find bag and make it even more unique. Whether it's the latest from Gucci or an Hermes classic, here are the latest customized handbags to inspire your own. 

(source: @customsneakersvet)

If Harry Styles is seen carrying a Gucci bag, you know it's in demand. @customsneakersvet has taken the double G logo and added a cherry blossom theme in pinks and whites. Complimenting the pale pink bag, this design highlights and doesn't hide the Gucci branding.

(source: @artobsessionbyanz)

Nothing says high end luxury like a hard to get Birkin bag. @artobsessionbyanz has put a Pokemon spin on this classic orange Hermes bag by covering it in all your favorite characters. Oranges match this already orange bag, while contrasting blues make sure the design stands out.

(source: @boyarde)

This Bonfire Night Louis Vuitton custom by sponsored artist @boyarde ⁠brings the pop art graphics. Primary colors like red and yellow make sure this design packs a punch, somethings that's hard to do when you're competing with one of the most recognizable luxury logos around.

Find more inspiration for your own customs at Angelus Styles on Instragram.

Logo Love

What makes a luxury bag by Louis Vuitton or MCM identifiable? That timeless LV or MCM logo. What makes a luxury bag a one of a kind piece? A custom design no one else has seen. We've seen a few custom bags lately that mash up the classic look of a designer logo with everything from influences in the art world to racing. Check them out to get inspiration for your own projects.

KAWS Louis Vuitton Messager

(source: @modedehr)

For this Louis Vuitton messenger bag @modedehr has created a mash up of Vuitton, the work of the artist KAWS and Dior. This take on the cartoonish KAWS characters comes in blue, white and light green, to add color and style to this bag.

Scrooge Supreme Vuitton Money Bag

(source: @gorgworld)

Another luxury mash up with a touch of cartoon comes from @gorgworld. This time the LV logo is given the Scrooge McDuck treatment, complete with a Supreme Money Gun in that classic Supreme red. The LV logo is repeated across the bottom in yellow and violet, making this cash covered bag the perfect money bag.

MCM Racing Backpack

(source: @guardiff)

Not one to be left out of the game, @guardiff gives this backpack by MCM a one of a kind look. Race around with this car themed bag, complete with a red and orange race car speeding over the MCM logo.

For more one of a kind designs follow Angelus Styles on Instagram.