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Shoes for Your Favorite Superhero

Superheroes (and villains) have become a huge part of American culture and entertainment, so it’s only right that some artists choose to represent that through their custom shoes. Check out some of these superhero-inspired customs, and see which Angelus paints you can use to create your own.


The work Ryan Reynolds did in order to get Deadpool onto the big screen was well worth it. Ever since the first movie came out in 2016, Deadpool’s popularity has skyrocketed, and these customs by are the perfect example of that. Use Angelus Fire Red Paint and  Angelus Black Paint to create your own unique Deadpool customs.

(source: @fzbb_custom)

Can you believe it’s been a decade since the first Iron Man movie came out? Despite how long it’s been, the Iron Man brand is still going strong. You can use Angelus Fire Red Paint, Angelus Black Paint, and Angelus Mustard Paint to make customs similar to these ones made by @fzbb_custom.

(source: @majorwavez)

Black Panther completely dominated the culture when it came out, so it’s no wonder it inspired some artists to create some movie-inspired customs. Use Angelus Black Paint and Angelus Grey Paint to create your own Black Panther AF1s.

(source: @savethepanduhs)

Okay, so Thanos isn’t exactly a superhero, but he’s still part of one of the biggest superhero movies of all time. Plus, even if you aren’t a fan, you can’t deny the quality of these customs by @savethepanduhs. If you want to try creating your own Thanos customs, pick up our 12 Color Assortment Kit to get started.