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Custom Leather Backpack Tutorial + More

You're not limited to shoes for your custom projects. Angelus paints can be used to customize a variety of products, from backpacks to furniture.

Check out these pictures to get inspiration for your next custom project.

Custom Leather Backpack

(source: @ehkcustoms)

Artist Enzo Kim (@ehkcustoms) stopped by the Angelus studio to put together this custom koi fish leather backpack tutorial.

Check out the full tutorial to watch Enzo walk you through how to create this design, and to see all the materials you need to get started.

Custom Air Max

(source: @jwdanklefs)

Air Maxes continue to be an all-time favorite for shoe artists.

Check out these custom "What the Air Max" AM1s design by sponsored artist @jwdanklefs, which features a variety of animal print and camo patterns.

Grab a 12 color assortment kit to try creating your own custom Air Maxes.

Custom Jordan 12

(source: @kattycustoms)

What would you name these Jordan 12s?

Sponsored artist @kattycustoms designed these Js features an all-black upper, multicolor camo sole, and neon pink accents.

Supreme x Louis Vuitton Custom Cleats

(source: @solesbysir)

Supreme x Louis Vuitton: every hypebeast's dream.

Turns out Drew Brees is a hypebeast himself. Sponsored artist @solesbysir designed these custom cleats for the legendary quarterback and added some gold accents to bring the design to a new level.

Area 51 Customs

(source: @visionarykickz)

You ready to storm Area 51?

Be sure to prepare yourself by checking out this tutorial by artist Jake Mata from @visionarykickz. Watch as he walks you through the design using Angelus paints and some easy DIY stencils.

Don't forget to follow Angelus on Instagram for more customs like these, and check out our online store to pick up the materials you need for your next project.

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Torched 1s, Cheetah Print Air Forces, & More Great Customs

Need inspiration for your next project?

Check out these great customs from the end of July.

Torched Jordan 1s

(source: @justwincustoms)

Jordan 1s are one of the top choices for custom artists around the country, but not many of them can make a pair as clean as these.

Sponsored artist @justwincustoms designed these custom 1s featuring a blacked-out colorway and took a torch to the classic Nike Swoosh.

Grab some orange and black paint to get started on your own similar pair of customs.

Flamin' Hot Air Max

(source: @jwdanklefs⁠)

You can use almost anything you want as the theme for your next pair of customs.

Take these custom Air Maxes, for example. Sponsored artist @jwdanklefs created these shoes featuring an orange, yellow, red, and cheetah print design to make his own Flamin' Hot Air Maxes.

Black and Orange Air Forces

(source: @kelshmeamy⁠)

If you're having trouble coming up with new designs, try playing with the logo to create a unique pair of customs.

These black Nikes, by sponsored artist @kelshmeamy, feature a new take on the classic Swoosh to make a one-of-a-kind pair of Air Force 1s. 

Pick up some orange paint to see if you can replicate this design.

Cheetah/Zebra Print Air Force

(source: @kendrascustoms⁠)

Creating a unique pair of customs goes beyond changing up the colorway. Try playing with patterns for your next project.

Sponsored artist @kendrascustoms created these custom AF1s, featuring a cheetah, zebra, and giraffe print design, just in time for the new live-action Lion King. 

Lion King Vans

(source: @lucha_loafers⁠)

The new Lion King remake has a lot of people excited to see an updated version of their favorite childhood movie.

If you're one of these people, you can try your hand at making your own Lion King customs, like these detailed Vans from sponsored artist @lucha_loafers. Just grab a 12 Color Assortment Kit to get started.

Don't forget to follow Angelus on Instagram to keep up with more customs like these from our amazing sponsored artists.

DBZ Air Force 1 High Custom Tutorial + Custom Inspiration

Need some new ideas for your next pair of customs?

We put together a few tutorials plus a few new customs to help you get some inspiration for your next big project.

DBZ AF1 High
(source: @customicasso)

In our latest tutorial, Miles ( @customicasso) stopped by to teach you how to create these clean custom DBZ Air Force 1 Highs.

Miles will show you some airbrushing techniques, how to layer your paints, and how to use even brush strokes to get even coverage.

Check out the full tutorial to learn what materials and techniques you need to create these Shenron Dragon AF1 Highs.

Chance The Rapper Custom NMDs

NMDs still have one of the cleanest silhouettes that Adidas has ever come up with -- making them perfect for your next custom project.

Sponsored artist  @astrotorfcustoms finished these custom NMDs just in time for Chance The Rapper's debut album, which is dropping next week.

These red, white, and blue custom NMDs commemorate the three mixtapes that brought Chance to where he is now. 

Bape AF1
(source:  @ianjpaintedit⁠)

Bape camo looks good on anything -- especially these custom AF1s.

Sponsored artist  @ianjpaintedit⁠ used Bape's iconic camo design as inspiration for these purple, blue, and turquoise AF1s.

Grab a few paints to make your own Bape AF1s in a unique colorway.

Blush Pink Jordans
(source:  @kattycustoms)

It can be hard to come up with Jordan colorways that haven't already been done to death. You just need to get a little creative with it.

Sponsored artist @kattycustoms designed these Coral Jordan 4s, featuring bronze accents and gold tips. 

Pick up a 12 color assortment kit to see what new colorways you can come up with.

Summertime Vans
(source:  @ehkcustoms)

Lastly, Enzo Kim from  @ehkcustoms stopped by the studio to show you how to create the perfect pair of custom slip-on Vans for the summer.

Check out the full tutorial to learn how to paint on canvas and follow along to create this tropical sunset design for yourself.

Remember to follow Angelus on Instagram to see more inspiration like this, and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more tutorials.

Father's Day Giveaway + New Customs

Father's Day is coming up this Sunday.

To show our appreciation for all the dads around the country, we're hosting a giveaway.

Check out the details below to see how to enter.

Father's Day Giveaway

(source: @angelusdirect)

For Father's Day 2019, Angelus is hosting a giveaway to show our appreciation for all that our fathers do.

All you have to do to enter is leave a dad joke/caption in the comments of this post on Instagram, tag a dad, and follow @angelusdirect. Best dad joke or caption about the customs in the post wins a Father's Day care package.

Make sure to enter soon and don't forget to wish your dad a happy Father's Day this Sunday.

If you like those custom Gucci-themed Nikes as much as we do, check out some of these other great customs from the past few weeks.

Jordan 3 Raptors Customs

(source: @mache275)

The Raptors have finally made their first NBA finals. Will they go on to win their first championship? 

Sponsored artist @mache275 made these custom Jordan 3s featuring the old-school Raptors logo and colorway to commemorate Toronto's first finals run.

Whether or not the Raptors pull out the series W, at least we'll have these customs to remember this year's finals.

Jordan 3 Customs

(source: @astrotorfcustoms)

Left or right? Which one is your favorite?

Sponsored artist @astrotorfcustoms designed these colorful Jordans which feature a bright purple, red, pink, turquoise, and white colorway.

Pick out a few colors from our paint collection to get started on a pair of customs like these.

Jordan 1 Warhawk

(source: @sab_one)

The Jordan 1 remains as one of the most iconic silhouettes of all time -- making it the perfect canvas for your next pair of customs.

Check out this custom Jordan 1 "Warhawk" by sponsored artist @sab_one for inspiration.

This pair of customs features a military green upper, Off-White-inspired details, and Jordan 23 branding.

Custom AF1s with Rose Design

(source: @kingdom_made)

All-white Air Force 1s are probably one of the most customizable shoes available. The possibilities are just about endless.

Sponsored artist @kingdom_made designed these custom AF1s to feature a clean rose design on top of the all-white colorway.

Pick up some dark green and red paint to get started on your own similar design.

Remember to follow Angelus on Instagram to keep up with our giveaways and to see more customs like these.

New Customs to Close Out April

It can be hard to come up with new designs for every pair of customs. Everyone needs a little bit of inspiration sometimes.

One of the best ways to get inspired is to take a look at some of the great designs other artists are working on. From color combinations to art styles and aesthetics, you should be able to take something away from these amazing customs created by some of our sponsored artists.

Comic Strip Stan Smiths 

(source: @swellguycustoms)

Stan Smiths have a classic silhouette and are a staple in a lot of people's closet. It's hard to improve on such a clean, simple shoe, but if you want a little bit more color, sponsored artist @swellguycustoms can walk you through how he made these customs Roy Lichtenstein Stan Smiths.

Check out the tutorial to see what supplies you need to get started.

Easter Air Forces

(source: @tragik1993)

A bright pastel colorway might not be great for everyday wear, but it's perfect for Easter. If you're gonna go with a bold colorway like this, all-white Air Forces are probably the best canvas you can use.

Sponsored artist @tragik1993 designed these pair of Easter AF1s with all of the classic colors you probably associate with the holiday.

Pizza Hut Jordans

(source: @astrotorfcustoms)

You can really take whatever theme you want and turn it into a pair of customs.

Look no further than these custom Pizza Hut Jordans by @astrotorfcustoms for proof. Pizza Hut's red and white color scheme is an all-time classic, and the red flat laces and pizza tag are the perfect toppings.

Custom Air Force 1s

(source: @kingdom_made)

You can do a whole lot by just redesigning a small part of the shoe. Altering the classic Nike Swoosh is a great way to customize a pair of AF1s without covering up the all-white colorway that makes them so popular in the first place.

We don't have a tutorial for this pair of customs, but sponsored artist @kingdom_made made a tutorial that'll show you how to get the woodgrain finish he used here. Check it out to see what tools you need to do it yourself.

Venice Vans

(source: @chadcantcolor)

Summer's coming up and there might not be a better place to spend it than Venice Beach in California.

Sponsored artist @chadcantcolor made these custom Vans featuring the iconic Venice sign and the street art aesthetic that you can find on every corner. Grab an Angelus Basics Kit to get started on your summer customs.

Remember to follow us on IG to keep up with more great customs like these. We post several designs every week from artists around the country.