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Sponsored Artist Spotlight: Malcolm Garret

With an interest in vintage inspired apparel and custom sneakers, Malcolm Garett brings his own unique take to the world of Angelus Direct sponsored artists. His work includes everything from hats to ponchos to one of a kind sneakers. Here are some his latest customs.

(source: @malcolmgarret)

Leave it to Malcom to take the Virgil Abloh Off-White classic and make it his own. A subtly perfect combination of dark grey, beige and white make these customs a standout pair. Orange and yellow accents add color without distracting from the overall design.

(source: @malcolmgarret)

For an unexpected color combination that works check out this bright orange on glossy brown color palette. The rich brown gives these leather uppers an almost chocolate like appearance, with a slightly shiny finish and gives the bright orange on the rest of the shoe the perfect amount of contrast.

(source: @malcolmgarret)

Sometimes nothing will do but blue suede shoes, as these customs prove with an all blue design. With the uppers, tongue and part of the midsole in the same light blue, this is one cohesive pair of customs that give this Nike classic a new spin.

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Custom Sneaker Spotlight: June 2021

Now that we've officially made it to summer we're seeing custom sneakers that aren't afraid of bold colorways. From earth tones to neon pink, there are some unexpected pairings as well as some classic looks. Check out the latest from our Angelus Direct sponsored artists this June.

(source: @mache275)

@mache275 takes the original earth tones of the Air Fear Of God 1 'Oatmeal' and adds some more muted greens and pinks. A rich terracotta color finishes off the uppers and compliments the earth toned soles. Create your own version of this colorway by combining softer colors with richer earth tones.

(source: @tragik1993)

@tragik1993 takes Nike and neon to the next level. From the hovering swoosh to a bright pink, green and yellow colorway, everything about these Air Max 90s looks fresh. While the color combination is great, it's the white accents that really help the bold colors come together.

(source: @astrotorfcustoms)

@astrotorfcustoms brings us his version of the OFF-WHITE and Nike collaboration. Just as Virgil Abloh puts his own spin on a Nike classic, @astrotorfcustoms took the OFF-WHITE "AIR" look and created a red, black, white and beige colorway to create a new look.

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For the Love of Customs

A love of custom sneakers can go beyond the shoes themselves. Coordinated designs or other custom items featuring your favorite shoes are great ways to show you're a sneakerhead.
(source: @sarahskrlj)

Some designs are too good not to repeat, and that's definitely the case with this patterned custom basketball and Air Force 1 pair by @sarahskrlj. Featuring a variety of pinks offset with teal, this colorful design is too fun not to duplicate.

(source: @snowsheepart)

Think about spending money on sneakers even when you're not spending money on sneakers with this custom wallet by @snowsheepart. The Off-White x Air Jordan design in red and white stands out on this black leather wallet.

Put your money where your art is. A dollar bill becomes the perfect canvas for this Nike inspired design by @eduardo_jacobog. What sneakerhead wouldn't want this piece of art?

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