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Limited Edition Spotlight: ANGELUS X BARBASOL

Angelus Direct is always looking for new ways to help you get the results you want and our latest collaboration with Barbasol is no exception. The Angelus x Barbasol Limited Edition Dye Set includes everything you need to create a custom dyed, marble effect design on the shoes of your choice.

The kit allows you to select three colors from over 30 Angelus Leather Dyes to create your own custom design. Once you have your kit, all you need are the shoes you want to customize and a large bin the shoes will fit in for the dying process.

Prepare the shoes for dying by removing the shoelaces and taping off any areas you don't want dyed, like the midsole or tongue.

To create your own one of a kind design spray the included Barbasol Shaving Cream evenly into your container so that the bottom is covered. Dot the surface of the shaving cream with the Angelus Leather Dye in a pattern of your choice.

When you're happy with your design dip the shoes upside down in the shaving cream and leave them in the dye for 3-5 minutes. Make sure all the surfaces you want dyed are covered by the dyed foam. You can do this by moving the dye around with a gloved hand or the included dauber.

When the shoes are ready to be removed from the foam rinse off the shaving cream and dye with water and allow to dry for at least 24 hours.

The kit includes:

  • Limited Edition Barbasol Shaving Cream - 10 oz.
  • Barbasol Playing cards featuring their iconic advertising
  • 3 Angelus Leather Dyes of your choice
  • Limited Edition Barbasol 100th Anniversary Tin

Check out the YouTube tutorial here and check out even more Angelus Direct exclusive products here.

Akumal Arts Festival Shoe Painting Workshop

(source: @registered_artist)

Whether it's painting murals, holding workshops or putting on performances, the Akumal Arts Festival aims to bring the community together through art. The festival draws both local and international artists, including @registered_artist, who will be creating a mural as part of the event.

(source: @registered_artist)

Angelus Brand is proud to be a sponsor of the Akumal Arts Festival and worked together with @registered_artist to put on a free shoe painting workshop for local children.

(source: @registered_artist)

This past Saturday ten students met at the local community center for the workshop where Angelus Direct had donated ten pairs of shoes and the paints and supplies needed to customize them. 

(source: @registered_artist)

With Angelus Brand paint, brushes and tape on hand the workshop was a great opportunity for local children in need to not only get a new pair of shoes, but create their own one of a kind custom.

Find everything you need to create your own customs at Angelus Direct.

Angelus Tutorials: Custom Green Tones

This month Bryan Phillips from @swellguycustoms is breaking down just what you need to know to start mixing and creating your own custom greens with Angelus Paints. With so many Angelus Paint colors to choose from it can seem overwhelming just what colors to use to create the shade you want. Here are some tips for getting the results you want for creating customs of your own.

1. Angelus Standard Greens

When creating your own custom green a good place to start is by betting familiar with the standard greens that Angelus has to offer. From the classic green to light green, olive and Grinch Green, there are lots of greens to choose from. Green is a secondary color on the color wheel, which means it is created by mixing equal parts of two primary colors, in this case yellow and blue. The amount of yellow and blue you use can help you create different shades of green.

2. Lightening and Darkening

The easiest way to lighten your green is by adding white and to darken it add black. This will desaturate the color as it makes it less bright with the introduction of new tones. Remember it's easier to make colors darker than it is to make them lighter, so try to mix colors from light to dark.

3. Nike Air Max 90 Green Customs

Now you're ready to create some customs using your newly mixed greens. Bryan is using a pair of Nike Air Max 90s for his version of Angelus green customs. The first step with creating any pair of custom sneakers is to remove the laces. Since these shoes have leather uppers they also need to be prepped with Leather Preparer and Deglazer

Next he created a custom palette of five new colors by mixing greens, whites and blacks.

An Artist Palette can be a good way to access and mix colors. The Palette allows you to see all the colors next to each other so you can adjust as needed before you actually start painting. 

Once the shoe is painted, he uses some Angelus Matte Acrylic Finisher to protect his custom green Air Max 90s.

More Custom Tutorials

If you want to see more custom tutorials like this one, make sure to subscribe to the Angelus YouTube channel to learn tips and techniques.

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