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Custom Sneaker Tutorial: Cyberpunk 2077 Nike Blazers

Announced all the way back in 2012, Cyberpunk 2077  is finally being released after nearly a decade of anticipation.

CyberPunk 2077 Nike Blazers | Custom Angelus Paint Shoes

To commemorate the occasion, Bryan from @swellguycustoms stopped by to put together a tutorial demonstrating how to create a custom pair of Cyberpunk-themed Nike Blazers.

Check out the tutorial on YouTube for a detailed walkthrough, and read on for a quick overview on how to create your own custom Blazers.

Removing the Nike Swoosh

For these customs, Bryan created a custom Nike Swoosh to match the Cyberpunk aesthetic, and to do that, you need to start by removing the outside Swoosh from both shoes.

Remove Nike Swoosh

Use a detail knife to cut the stitching that attaches the Swooshes to the shoes, but be careful not to cut the surface.

After removing the Swooshes, you can use tweezers or nail clippers to remove the leftover frayed threads.

Removing the Factory Finish

Just like with any other custom project, it's important to prep the shoe before painting to make sure the paint adheres to the shoe and doesn't easily chip, peel, or crack.

Shoe Prep

To remove the factory finish from the Blazers, use a cotton swab and Angelus Leather Preparer & Deglazer to rub all of the areas that you intend to paint. This will create a clean finish for you to apply your custom design.

Before moving on, you can also tape off the midsole to prevent paint from getting on any unwanted areas.

Painting the Customs

After prepping, it's time to start painting the base of the shoes. For these customs, Bryan laid down a base layer of Pale Yellow paint, and on top of that, used a custom mixture of Thunder Yellow and Neon Sunset Yellow


Note: Since we're using an airbrush for this portion, you can mix four parts of Angelus paint with one par Angleus 2-Thin to make it easier for the paint to pass through the airbrush.

painting the upper heel

For the upper heel, use a brush to apply a base layer (or a few layers, if necessary) of pink, and follow it up with a mixture of Chili Red, Raspberry, and Jamaican Joy.

Creating a Custom Swoosh

Now, it's time to create the custom glitch effect for Nike Swoosh. Start by taping over the area where the original Nike Swoosh was, then use a pencil to trace the Swoosh on the tape using the leftover stitching holes.

Creating a Custom Swoosh

After tracing the Swoosh, use it as a reference to draw your custom glitch effect. To get the glitch effect, you want certain parts of your sketch to be jutting out of the Swoosh and other jutting into the original Swoosh.

Cut the Stencil

Next, use a detail knife to carefully cut out your stencil. Then, you can use an airbrush to paint the custom Swoosh with a mixture of Pale Blue and Neon Bahama Blue.

Outlining the Swoosh

Finally, peel the stencil off and use the same red mixture you used for the upper heel to outline the custom Swoosh, creating a clean drop shadow effect to give the design some depth. Do the same to the Swooshes on the inside of the shoes to create a more cohesive design.

Using Suede Dye

Nike Blazers also have suede patches on the toe and on the side above the midsole, so to make these patches match the rest of the shoe, you'll need to dye them using yellow suede dye.

Suede Dye

You can use a paintbrush to apply the dye to the suede patches, but be careful as suede dye is a permanent alcohol-based solution -- you don't want to get any on areas other than the suede patches.

After applying the dye, wipe off any excess dye with a towel, and let the shoes dry for 24 to 48 hours before wearing.

Finishing Touches

The last thing to do is to use your airbrush to spray the shoe with Angelus Matte Finisher to give the shoes a clean finish.


Use a heat gun to dry the finisher after applying. In addition to giving the shoes a flat look, the finisher also helps protect the paint from minor scrapes and scratches.

After letting the shoes completely dry, you can lace them up and wear them as you normally would.

Make sure to subscribe to the Angelus YouTube channel or more tutorials like these and follow us on Instagram for custom sneaker inspiration.

Customer Sneaker Spotlight: 11/30/2020

Sneaker artists have been very busy over this past month creating a variety of unique custom designs. From Maleficent AF1s to Fresh Prince Vans, we've picked some of our favorite customs from the past few weeks to share with the Angelus community.

Whether you're looking for inspiration for your next project, or you just want to check out some original artwork, check out our custom sneaker spotlight below.

Maleficent Air Force 1

Maleficent Air Force 1

(source: @kingdom_made)

Sponsored artist @kingdom_made brought Maleficent to life with these custom Air Force 1s based on Disney's fairy villain.

These customs feature a black and white base colorway, Maleficent portraits on the middle panel, and ghost flame effects across the background and Swooshes.

Mountain Bike AF1

Mountain Bike AF1

(source: @tazz.customs)

@tazz.customs created these custom Air Force 1s using real parts from a mountain bike to create some one-of-a-kind details.

Real bike tires were used to replace the quarter panels and tongue tags, and the artist replaced the aglets with tire valves. The base of the shoe features an abstract mountain and forest-themed painting with mountain bike details.

Fresh Prince Slip-On Vans

Fresh Prince Custom Vans

(source: @o.worthen)

Did you catch The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reunion?

Sneaker artist @o.worthen painted these custom slip-on Vans and matching overalls in honor of the classic 90s sitcom. Each piece features a cartoon portrait of either Will or Carlton and includes other details pulled from the show, including the show's logo across the chest of the overalls.

Thanksgiving Jordan 13

Thanksgiving Customs

(source: @solesbysir)

Thanksgiving might already be in the rearview mirror, but with Bam Adebayo recently signing his max extension, now's a great time to bring back these Thanksgiving throwbacks designed by sponsored artist @solesbysir.

Personally designed for Bam, these customs feature fall colors and leaves painted across the base with a cartoon turkey painted on top.

SpongeBob Old Skool Vans

SpongeBob Custom Vans

(source: @mcvsso)

@mcvsso designed these custom Old Skool Vans, dedicated to one of the most influential cartoons of all time.

These SpongeBob SquarePants Vans feature SpongeBob and Patrick painted on the toe boxes, Squidward and Plankton on the middle panels, beach and ocean patterns on the base, and other details pulled from the Bikini Bottom universe.

To see more customs like these, make sure to follow Angelus on Instagram, and don't forget to check out our online store to grab what you need to make your own customs.

Happy Halloween! DIY Zombie Air Force 1s

You might have to skip the Halloween party this year, but you can still put together a great costume to celebrate the holiday.

To help you create a unique custom costume, Vic (@cestlavic) created a tutorial on how to create a pair of zombified Air Force 1 Mids. Check them out below alongside a few of our other favorite Halloween customs.

Zombie Air Force 1 Mid

@cestlavic designed and painted these custom zombie-themed AF1 mids, featuring a variety of undead details, from severed eyeballs to brains and more.

If you want to recreate these Halloween customs, check out the tutorial to learn how to prep your shoes, sketch and paint your design, and dye soles without damaging them.

Scream Custom AF1

(source: @custom_shoes_chile)

Scream is returning for a fifth installment, making it a great time to highlight these Nike Court x Scream customs.

The customs, created by @custom_shoes_chile, feature a split black and red colorway, a custom sketch effect, and a portrait of the iconic killer.

Halloween Yeezy

(source: @bbizon)

Who's your favorite horror villain?

Sponsored artist @bbizon designed these spooky Yeezys, featuring a lineup of some of the most recognizable Halloween characters of all time, including Jason, Freddy, Michael Myers, and more -- all on top of a clean red and white color scheme.

Jason AF1


Jason Voorhees is returning this Halloween through these custom Air Force 1s, designed by artist

Jason, wearing his trademark hockey goalie mask, is featured on the upper holding the Nike Swoosh, which has been turned into his bloody weapon of choice.

Halloween Vans Collection

(source: @lucha_loafers)

Sponsored @lucha_loafers painted a small collection of horror-themed customs perfect for any custom Halloween costume.

The first pair features portraits of Chucky and his bride painted over a bloody background, while the second features a collection of classic Halloween killer, from Hellraiser to Jason.

Did you create your own Halloween customs? Share them with us on Instagram!

Create What You Can't Have: Best Custom Projects (September 2020)

Creating your own custom projects is the best way to get your hands on the sneakers and accessories that match your personal style. Whether you're after an AF1 colorway that doesn't exist, or you have a dream designer collab in mind, making it yourself is often the only way to get it done.

With that in mind, check out some of our favorite customs from this month below to get some inspiration for your next big project.

Custom Barstool

While a lot of artists stick to sneakers, you can customize almost anything as long as it's made up of the right materials.

Sponsored artist @swellguycustoms stopped by earlier this month to create a tutorial showcasing how you can use Angelus paints to customize a faux leather barstool, and you can apply these techniques to pretty much any faux leather product.

Check out the full tutorial to see the tools and techniques you can use to recreate this unique project.

Jordan x Dior Custom Cleats

(source: @truebluecustoms)

Miss out on the Jordan 1 x Dior collaboration that dropped earlier this year?

This was one of the biggest collabs in recent history, but it was almost impossible to get your hands on. Fortunately, though, you can always recreate it for yourself.

Sponsored artist @truebluecustoms designed these custom cleats, featuring many of the same details from the original Jordan x Dior collab, including Dior-branded Swooshes, Air Dior branding, and a clean grey and white colorway.

Black Panther Balenciaga Runners

(source: @danielcordas)

With roles like the Black Panther and Jackie Robinson, Chadwick Boseman was a brilliant artist who inspired millions of people around the world.

To pay tribute to the late actor, sponsored artist @danielcordas designed these custom Balenciaga Runners, featuring an incredible illustration of one Chadwick Boseman's most iconic characters -- the Black Panther.

Halloween Custom Vans

(source: @lucha_loafers)

October is right around the corner, meaning now is a great time to start getting your Halloween customs ready.

Sponsored artist @lucha_loafers painted these custom Vans Slip-Ons, featuring some of the most recognizable villains of all time, from Hannibal Lecter to Freddy Krueger.

Cactus Jack Air Force 1

(source: @jaygotkustoms)

The Cactus Jack x McDonald's crossover is one of the weirder collabs we've seen yet, but that didn't stop the hype beasts from swarming McDonald's for a regular cheeseburger.

One good thing to come from this collab is this pair of custom Air Force 1s designed by @jaygotkustoms. These customs feature McDonald's x Travis Scott branding and a clean yellow, white, and brown color scheme to match the theme.

To see more great customs like this, make sure to follow Angelus on Instagram, and grab the materials you need for your next project from our online store.

Custom Shoes, Wallets & More: This Week's Best Customs

Angelus paints can be used for much more than custom sneakers, and to help demonstrate the wide range of Angelus paint applications, Enzo from @ehkcustoms stopped by to show us how to customize a Starbucks cold cup.

Custom Starbucks Cup
(source: @ehkcustoms)

With the proper preparation, materials, and paints, you can turn your Starbucks cup into a practical and usable piece of art.

Make sure to check out the full tutorial on YouTube to see what tools you need and what steps you need to follow to recreate this project.

What the Lobster Nike SB Dunk Low
(source: @sab_one)

The Lobster and What the Dunk are two of the most iconic Nike SB colorways of all time, and as great as they are on their own, they might be even better together.

Sponsored artist @sab_one took inspiration from both of these shoes to create a one-of-a-kind pair of "What the Lobster" Nike SB Dunk Lows, featuring unique color blocking, purple and blue lobster bands, mismatching black and red Swooshes, and more unique details.

Louis V Custom Cleats
(source: @solesbysir)

With the NFL regular season coming up around the corner, players are starting to get their custom gear ready for the year.

Featuring a clean red and white color scheme and red Louis V branding, sponsored artist @solesbysir created these custom Louis V x Jordan cleats for Javon Kinlaw (@mook_dawg3) of the San Francisco 49ers.

Lionel Messi Custom Vans
(source: @lucha_loafers)

Things are still unfolding, but it looks like Lionel Messi's time in Barcelona is finally coming to an end.

In light of this, now seems like the perfect time to bring back these great customs created by sponsored artist @lucha_loafers. Featuring two incredibly detailed portraits of Messi wearing the unmistakable Barcelona colors, these customs are the perfect way to commemorate a legendary stint in Barcelona.

Goyard Custom Wallet
(source: @boyarde)

Angelus paint can be used on much more than just shoes-- wallets, clothes, and even furniture are all great canvases for your art.

Sponsored artist @boyarde designed and painted this custom Goyard wallet featuring the one and only Kermit the Frog.

Make sure to follow Angelus on Instagram to see more great customs like these, and check out our website to grab the materials you need for your next creation.