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Bringing Back the Old-School with the Roshe LD-1000

Last week, Nike Sportswear announced the release of the Roshe LD-1000 in Obsidian and White, and for the OG Cortez fans, Black and White.

This follows on the heels of last weeks release of NikeLab’s version of LD-1000 in “Forrest Gump” colorway, complete with white upper and bright red Swoosh. Imagine Forrest running through the desert with his parka and beard and these bad boys.

(Source: Hypebeast)

For those of us who slept on it, the Obsidian and White colorway is more-or-less your chance to grab a “version” of the fragment design x NikeLab Roshe LD-1000 SP release last October. If you recall, this one-off release looked like the love child of the modern Nike Roshe Run (One) and the Nike Cortez.

You get the quintessential Swoosh with the recognizable Roshe sole unit, instant classic.

Fragments design’s release had a few specific features that the Roshe LD-1000 will not, including an understated logo along the sole. But nonetheless, these are still a great staple for your summer wardrobe.

The Nike Cortez is an important part of Nike history. Originally created as Nike’s first track shoe in 1972, right around the time of the Summer Olympics, the Cortez has since become one of the Nike’s all time sleeper hits.

While it’s hard to imagine the last time Nike Heads rushed the spot for a Cortez release, the shoe holds it’s own as other silhouettes have come and gone during its 43 year history. During the subsequent 43 years, the Cortez has gone from the track field to the streets, and many places in between.

Long before the Cortez was associated with people yelling “Run, Forrest, Run” at each other, it was heavy in the streets of Southern California with Death Row Records set. You’ve probably seen pictures of Eazy E and Ice Cube rocking a pair of the classic black and whites somewhere on the Internet.

Since the black and white Cortez’s made their way to hip hop,  they’ve since become synonymous with Compton. Rapper Kendrick Lamar is often seen wearing a pair of Cortez Classic’s, much like his mentor and NWA predecessor Dr. Dre.

But as it has done many times in the past, Nike breathes life into the Cortez. The original shoe was a slimmer silhouette, made specifically for running, that came in loud, primary colors (think yellow on red on green).

That moved into a bulky, simplified version with neutral, block colorways as seen on your Forest’s and Eazy’s. Then comes the LD-1000, which trades in the original raised wedge “sponge-sole” for the Roshe Run sole, and tightens up the upper silhouette with a clean, textured mesh. What remains is the giant, so big and clean you can’t miss it, Swoosh.

For the classic Cortez, the Swoosh has always been the defining feature of the model. The Swoosh is easily customizable, and in most cases, it comes in white. This is your blank slank. The Cortez has always been unique in its simplicity, and the Roshe LD-1000 reinvention adds a second life to the original lifestyle runner.

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The NikeLab Free Huarache Is A Real Carnivore

June 19 will mark the release for the NikeLab Free Huarache Carnivore, a new iteration of the seminal Huarache sneaker as done by the people at Nikelab. The NikeLab Free Huarache Carnivore is the sleeker, low profile version of the Huarache shoe with a nod to the classic, and always outrageous Air Carnivore.

Unlike the modern Air Huarache, the Huarache Carnivore has a strap system anchored to the heel, and an inner, removable liner. The perforated toe box and side paneling are reminiscent to the classic Huarache. The sole has a similar silhouette to that of the Nike Free OG, or even taking a step back, the Nike Free 2.0.

(Photo Credit:Sneakernews.com)

The inaugural release of the Huarache Carnivore will come in two distinct colorways. The first colorway is a beige and white line up, perfect for your potentially lighter ensembles during the summer months.

On the contrast, the Carnivore also comes in a monochromatic black. The murdered out black colorway is a nod to #streetgoth trend or even the more relevant #healthgoth thing that hit the Internet earlier this year. Essentially, they’re perfect for the “all black everything” crowd whose closet looks like the Batcave.

But that being said, everyone’s got to have a pair of black-on-blacks, and the Huarache Carnivore are a perfect hybrid of NikeLab’s superior technology and a timeless, casual Nike sneaker.

But, the great thing about either Huarache Carnivore colorway, black specifically, is the possibilities it offers for customization. While the beige and white open up options for a pop of bright color on the paneling, the black colorway is essentially a blank slate.

With the monochromatic black colorway, our Starter kit would be a perfect way to make these Huaraches your own. A touch of Burgundy or Navy Blue would highlight the sleek silhouette of the Carnivore. Or, you could even add one of the Metallics to go for an old school, Raiders inspired colorway.

One of the unique parts that makes the Huarache Carnivore such a stand out for the summer is the heel-weighted strap system taken from the 1989 Air Carnivore. When this shoe came out, the colorway was so aggressive, and off the wall people went lost it. But the strap was always the MVP for this shoe. Nike flipped the script on the classic basketball silhouette and essentially took out the laces. The Huarache Carnivore utilized this same strap system to employ the top of the line shoe dynamics that came straight from the Nikelab.

Now the real question is: what would you do with the strap? The strap cuts right across the the center of the shoe, right below the ankle collar. If there was one thing to customize on the Huarache Carnivore, it would be the strap. The classic Air Carnivore would often have the strap the same color as the overlay, but that’s boring. If you were going to evoke the crazy colorways this retro shoe used to come in, the strap would be the first thing to be customized. So, will you be picking up the NikeLab Huarache Carnivore tomorrow? And if so, what would you do to it?

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Introducing...Lace Lab Laces!

We are proud to announce that we have combined forces with a new up-and-coming shoe lace brand: Lace Lab. All laces carried on Angelus Direct will now come in the great looking Lace Lab Packaging.

Lace Lab offers high quality rope laces, flat laces, reflective laces, Jordan XI Laces and many more at affordable prices! You can check out the brand new laces that we carry by clicking on any of the images below:

What are our customers up to?

We are very fortunate to have a ton of loyal customers sharing their work with us on Instagram. Everyone is welcome to share their work using any Angelus products by using the hashtag: #AngelusDirect. Click on the image below to check out the awesome things our customers are coming up with! (Instagram app is not required to view the following images)

 For those of you who are not following us on the gram, you can do so by clicking on the following link: www.Instagram.com/AngelusDirect

Making Progress

As we continue to grow we are working on getting the users more of what they like. Right now we just introduced a new coupon button that will give exclusive deals. We have mailers, social media, videos, and many more to come. We will keep working to keep ourselves relevant and fun for years to come. If you have any ideas on what we should add to our site for a better experience let us know in the comments below!