5 Must-Try Colorways for Your Next Shoe Project

5 Must-Try Colorways for Your Next Shoe Project

Dive into the world of shoe customization with our top picks for must-try colorways that will transform any pair of sneakers into a masterpiece. Whether you're a seasoned artist or new to the customization scene, these five colorways are sure to inspire your next project and make your creations stand out.

 Studio Ghibli inspired custom painted dunks


1. Studio Ghibli Color Palette (Inspo by @kiramadethis)

Inspiration: Drawing inspiration from the rich, vivid landscapes and whimsical characters that help define Studio Ghibli's artwork, this palette is perfect for those looking to infuse their sneakers with a touch of fantasy and animation. Think bold, saturated colors that bring characters and scenes to life

Application Tips: Angelus Direct’s versatile range of paints allows you to achieve these animated colors. Start with a base coat of a neutral shade to ensure the colors pop. Experiment with different techniques, like sponging or airbrushing, to achieve the ethereal, seamless blends that make Studio Ghibli's animation unforgettable.

Green Glow Glow in the Dark Paint on shoes


2. Glow in the Dark (Inspo by @sneakerqueenscustoms)

Inspiration: For those who want their sneakers to make a statement day and night, incorporating Angelus new “Green Glow” glow-in-the-dark paint is a must-try. Ideal for creating designs that stand out in low light or darkness, this approach adds an unexpected twist to your custom sneakers.

Application Tips: Incorporate Angelus Direct’s glow-in-the-dark paints as highlights or for specific elements of your design. Charge these paints under direct light to maximize the glow effect in darker environments.

 Hand painted bag with Angelus paints by @Pinklomein_


3. Bright Mixed with Pastels (Inspo by @pinklomein_)

Inspiration: Combining the softness of pastels with the vibrancy of bright colors creates a dynamic and visually appealing contrast. This colorway is perfect for spring and summer shoe projects, offering a fresh and energetic vibe.

Application Tips: Balance is key when mixing brights with pastels. Use pastel shades as the base and add bright accents for a pop of color, or vice versa. Angelus Direct’s wide range of colors can help achieve the perfect mix. Try mixing white with your favorite colors to tone them down and create a wider range of pastel colors.

 4. Character Based (Inspo by @lagrimas_de_vincent)


4. Character Based (Inspo by @lagrimas_de_vincent)

Inspiration: Drawing inspiration from your favorite characters, whether from comics, movies, or video games, can lead to highly personalized and thematic designs. This colorway encourages creativity and personal expression through iconic color schemes and motifs.

Application Tips: Focus on capturing the essence of the character with a limited color palette. Sometimes less is more. Sketch your design first, and test your mixed colors to match your characters palette perfectly!

 5. Nature/Landscape Inspired (Inspo by @joshdutra)


5. Nature/Landscape Inspired (Inspo by @joshdutra)

Inspiration: Look to the great outdoors for a calming and organic color scheme. Nature-inspired colorways can range from the blues and greens of the ocean to the earthy tones of the forest, offering a versatile palette for any project.

Application Tips: Use blending and shading techniques to replicate the smooth transitions found in nature. Angelus Direct’s paints offer the vibrancy needed to mimic the beauty of the natural world in your art pieces.



With these five must-try colorways, your next shoe customization project is bound to be a hit. Remember, the key to stunning custom sneakers is not just the colors you choose but also the creativity and techniques you employ. Angelus Direct is here to supply everything you need to bring your vision to life. Happy customizing!