2 - Thin Paint Thinner - Angelus Direct
2 - Thin Paint Thinner - Angelus Direct
2 - Thin Paint Thinner - Angelus Direct
2 - Thin Paint Thinner - Angelus Direct

Diluyente de pintura 2 diluidos

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Unlock Your Creative Potential with Angelus Direct

2-Thin es perfecto cuando necesitas diluir nuestra pintura acrílica Angelus Leather. Evita que la pintura de sus zapatos se aglomere en una superficie de malla y es excelente para diluir la pintura para usar con aerógrafo en sus personalizaciones.

Para aplicaciones con aerógrafo, sugerimos utilizar una proporción de pintura de 1 parte de 2 diluciones por 4 partes (1:4).

Nuestros coladores de pintura reutilizables funcionan muy bien para eliminar todas las imperfecciones de la pintura.

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Customer Reviews

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Best use use on Angelus paints for airbrush

Quality I expect!

Outstanding! All your products are Outstanding!

I always use this.

It is easy to mix with paint just a couple stirring.This will help a lot when painting on some materials.

This is a great additive to keep handy!

Rhonda W.

The 2-thin is great for a softer, watercolor effect. Learning to use a small amount to keep the paint from becoming too thin is the key. I’m new to leather painting so I have much to learn. I am very satisfied with Angelus paints and products so far!

Andrew S.

My experience overall exceeded my expectations. Fast delivery and packaged with upmost care. This would be my first time using this product for custom shoes and I will say that Angelus paints are the best in quality. I will be a returning customer. Thank you very much.

Thank you for the review! We hope to see you back soon!

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