Decreaser - Angelus Direct
Decreaser - Angelus Direct
Decreaser - Angelus Direct
Decreaser - Angelus Direct
Decreaser - Angelus Direct
Decreaser - Angelus Direct
Decreaser - Angelus Direct
Decreaser - Angelus Direct


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Unlock Your Creative Potential with Angelus Direct

Este producto es imprescindible para personalizar los zapatos y darles el mejor acabado. Se introduce en el zapato y mantiene la puntera rígida para evitar que se arrugue y, al mismo tiempo, sigue siendo cómodo y portátil. Esto también eliminará las arrugas de un zapato ya arrugado, dándole ese aspecto de material muerto. El reductor viene con instrucciones completas de un personalizador y creador veterano, GourmetKickz .

Se adapta a tallas 8-14. Para mayor comodidad, úselo en zapatos que calcen media talla más grande.

Para obtener instrucciones de instalación, haga clic aquí .

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Customer Reviews

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RoQue S.

I added them to my AF1, I have too bend a lot in my job and it kept them from creasing. it make me feel better knowing I had protection. Thank you Angelus I didn't know this where available.


These shoe decreasers were easy to install in the shoes and do not hurt your feet when wearing the shoes. Great product! Will be ordering more.

Timothy H.
Works great

Easy to customize to give yourself the best fit. This product does help prevent further creasing from occuring for the most part although it's not perfect and a little pricey. With that being said, it does its job as advertised and will buy more at some point.

Brian W.

Really easy to put in and they work better then any crease protector I have ever used. I don't even know why I ever bought the other plastic ones now that I got these it's night and day. They work perfectly in my Travis Scott Dunks Thank you

Thank you for your review! These allow you to actually wear your shoes!

Dalena F.
Great Product!

I gave these to my niece with a pair of AF1s I customized for her, and she says they work really well.

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