Light Brown Suede Dye - Angelus Direct
Light Brown Suede Dye - Angelus Direct
Light Brown Suede Dye - Angelus Direct
Light Brown Suede Dye - Angelus Direct

Tinte de gamuza marrón claro

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Cuando quieras que la gamuza de tus zapatillas personalizadas luzca fresca, elige un poco de tinte para gamuza Angelus de alta resistencia industrial. Nuestro tinte para ante marrón claro es ideal para cualquier zapato de ante, desde los clásicos Wallabees hasta los Jordan retro y todo lo demás.

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Leather dyes are super strong and full of color. They work great on leather because they soak in and last a long time. Suede dyes are a bit different—they have less color in them and are made to keep suede soft. Suede is that soft, fuzzy leather, and it needs special care. If you put leather dye on suede, it can make the suede hard, not soft and fuzzy like it should be.

Dyes takes the color of what is under them. So if you dye something white with red it will turn pink. It mixes with it. Paint sits on the surface and grabs on. You can cover anything with paint. Our paint is water based while our dyes are alcohol based.

Yes, all Angelus Dyes are mixable! Angelus Leather Dyes can be mixed with other Angelus Leather Dyes, and the same for Angelus Suede Dyes. Mixing dyes to acheive specific colors is harder than mixing paints and does require testing. (Do not mix Suede Dyes and Leather Dyes together.)

Keep in mind that this is considered a professional product. You may need to perform many tests before applying it to your final piece. 

Customer Reviews

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Tyler C.
Excellent color, so easy to apply

I ordered this light brown dye to dye a pair of desert suede & white leather boaters - I desperately wanted this pair of shoes, I hated those colors, but it was the only one they had in my size, was on sale, etc etc. I thought I would take my fate into my own hands and buy them in the ugly color and see if I could dye them. After a little research, I found Angelus' alcohol-based dyes were highly recommended. I was looking for a rich, warm, chocolatey brown, and I found the light brown to be perfect for that. I am glad I didn't order brown or dark brown - those might be a good choice if you are starting from a darker color leather, but if you're starting with white or beige, light brown is perfect for a chocolate color. For the pebbled leather white part, I used the regular leather dye in the light brown shade as well. I had no issues with applying, and I only did 2 thin coats to get the color I wanted. 10/10 would do it all again, and I am so pleased with how they came out!

Jan E.
Good product.

I dyed a pair of suede desert boots, and they turned out very nice.

Nico G.

Dye was super easy to use, needed 3 layers to achieve full color and color is very vibrant. Awesome product.

Cindy O.
Great product

I was able to salvage a suede purse after it got stained by changing the color. I then purchased Angelus paint for smooth leather and painted my cowboy boots black. The tutorials were very helpful. Both products were easy to use and my purse and boots look great!

Frank H.
Guitar build

Everything was fantastic from ordering to super fast shipping.Having years of a woodworking background & a love of guitars I figured I would try building my own guitar after watching a bunch of Big D guitar videos.The dies worked so well,& easy to use.5 stars & 2 thumbs up.I just ordered more haha

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