Huaraches for Spring

As expected, we’ve been seeing a lot of custom sneakers in Spring colorways making their way out into the #angelusdirect world these recent weeks. This is a given as the gray skies are clearing up and the snow is melting. One thing that’s been a trend is the use of the classic Nike Huarache.

Pastel Huaraches Shoes

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We saw these pastel Huaraches done by @jmln.cstms on the thread, just in time for Easter.

Multicolor Shoes

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While never the gold medal of any Nike drop, the Huarache will always be a solid choice of shoe. With a 25 year history as an actual running shoe and now a staple for your daily wardrobe, the Huarache has no signs of slowing down this Spring or seasons to come.

English Customs

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Our very own Angelus Direct sponsored artist @sneakerkraft tapped into the era with these customs.

Sportswear Shoe

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The approach to a running shoe was inspired by a Mexican sandal called the huarache. The minimal, form fitting design was reminiscent of a pair of these woven leather sandals. For spring, these sneakers make sense. At the time, this silhouette was made in response to the clunky high tops that dominated sportswear at the time. On the contrary, the Huarache was a running shoe that you could wear without a sock, like it’s sandal inspiration.

Tinker Hatfield

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The Huarache’s were first developed in 1991 by legendary Nike designer Tinker Hatfield. With multiple heavy hitting sneaker designs, such as the Air Max, the Air Jordan III’s and more under his belt, it was clear that Tinker’s runner-centric Huarache would be no different.

Nike Running Shoe


In 1991, there was another Michael J. with a Nike contract that was dominating his sport. This Michael had a last name of Johnson and was crushing it on the track. As a world class sprinter, Johnson was a prime endorsement for the new technology that came with the Huarache. There was no heel cap, a first for a Nike running shoe, just a neoprene strap.

Huarache Running Shoe


Nevertheless, the Huarache become a huge hit both on the track and off in the 1990’s. Everyone from the other, more famous Michael J. to the television’s sitcom god Jerry Seinfeld were spotted in them.



Classic Sneaker


25 years later, this classic sneaker still holds up. So for all the sneaker customizers out there gearing up for spring, get your acrylic leather paint ready, Huaraches are where it’s at.

Customs Made Shoe

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While Johnson didn’t win gold individually at the ‘92 Tokyo Olympics where the Huaraches debuted, these gold customs made with Angelus Direct acrylic leather paint would have been the next best thing.

Gold Shoes

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