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The Quick Guide to Paint Brushes

Without the right tools, creating a piece of art can be difficult - this is especially true for painting. Having high quality paint is one thing, but that only takes you so far if you don't have high quality paint brushes.
For starters, there are some standard paint brushes typically used when painting with acrylic paints:
The Filbert brush is a great place to start. 
Think of this as your general, all-around (no pun intended) brush that's something of a cross between a Round brush and a Flat Brush. Filberts can be used for details if need be and it can cover space or be used for blending.
After that, the Round brush starts getting more specific. 
Round brushes can handle filling in small areas, outlining, some details. This is a solid paint brushes, and there are plenty of others to take on different types of painting.
Next, there's Pointed Round.
As the name implies, very similar to the Round tip, but narrower for finer details, spotting and line work. 
Those two were general detail work, but the Flat brush is for taking on more space.
Flat brushes are great for filling in wide spaces and shading. When you need a larger area covered, flat brushes are your best bet for those bold strokes.
An Angular Flat brush has a similar shape to a Flat of course, but the Angular aspect changes up its function.
Much like a Flat brush, this one can cover larger spaces if need be. The angular tip is made for curved strokes and filling in corners.
Finally, there's the Detail brush.
As one would assume, Detail brushes are made for very fine, minute details. Imagine painting a portrait the size of a quarter underneath pull tab on the back a sneaker. It's very doable, and a detail brush is the way to pull that off.

Get Ready for Fall with Water & Stain Repellent

With the season changing, the weather is getting wetter (depending on where you live). While wearing your favorite sneakers might not seem like the best idea when there's a chance of rain, don't let this stop you. We added a product to our line up that deals with the chance of water head on - our new eco-friendly Angelus Water & Stain Repellent Pump Spray.

Much like the name implies, a water and stain repellent acts as an invisible barrier between the surface it's applied on and the elements. The way this works is that the spray creates a coating when it dries, so water and other liquids will rolls off the surface without soaking into the fabric.

If you wear leather or suede shoes often, you know how much of a problem water can be when it seeps into surface, so this protective seal is going to be your best friend as the weather changes.

Using a product like this is extremely simple - and that's a good thing. After putting so much work into a pair of custom sneakers, you wouldn't want another unnecessarily complicated step to keeping them dry. 

Our new product has a spray pump, so you can measure out how much you're applying. Simply apply a decent amount to whatever it is you want to keep dry, and let it cure for 24 hours. Easy, right? 

Getting Featured on Angelus, Pt. II

We’re going to keep the ball rolling on or series “Getting Featured” series. Last time around, we covered overall content and best practices for curating what you put on your business page. Hopefully that piece of advice paid off! Along those lines, we’re going to talk about photos this time around, because the better the picture, the better idea people will have of the type of custom work you can do.

There’s a few general tips to cover when it comes to pictures. The first tip is a given, but sometimes practice makes perfect - here it is: take clear pictures, simple as that. By clear, we mean not blurry, not out-of-focus, not too dark, not overly filtered. Here’s the thing, you don’t have to have a super nice camera to take a clear shot of your work. Most camera phones are going to work out just fine, but taking multiple shots is always going to be your best bet. Here’s an example of clear shot:

(Source: @astrotorfcustoms)

The colors pop, the line detailing is in focus, and you can see up close the amount of effort that went into this custom. So those crisp, clear shots are going to be key!

Another tip for getting featured is to take a photo of your work that has composition. In basic terms, composition is the layout of the picture - and for a product shot, you would want the product (the thing you are featuring) to be the focal point. This is a great example:

(Source: @ceezemc)

This means the custom sneakers or custom bag or whatever it is that you worked on works best in the center of the photo. Consider, if you worked an amazing pair of Yeezy customs, you wouldn’t want them in the back or the top right corner or anywhere else in the picture that isn’t up front and center.

Now this next tip might seem minor, but it goes a long way - the background of your photo makes a difference. Some of the shots we feature have pretty elaborate backgrounds, and while that always helps, sometimes a simple shot of your customs on the grass or against a single color work just as well. Take these two for examples:

(Source: @kendrascustoms)

(Source: @_theoglife)

Two different takes on background, but neither draw the viewer away from the sneakers. So here’s a tip, consider where exactly you’re taking your picture. If you have your custom sneakers posted up on say, the toilet in your bathroom, or in your bedroom with laundry behind it, people’s eyes are going to be drawn away from what really matters, your work.

Some take away tips for today. Try them out, and as always, tag us at #angelusdirect. We’ll have more for you soon!

How to Get Featured

It’s no secret that social media is one of the best ways to promote a small business, especially if you work in a visual space - think art, design, merchandise, customizing of course, and others. Of course, Instagram changed the landscape of how small businesses can promote their product or service. With over 700 million users, a good following, or getting featured on a profile with a good following is bound to make a splash.

Getting your work featured on another profile is great way to boost your business, and it also feels like your work is finally being recognized. At Angelus Direct, we appreciate all of customers, and want to make it clear that we value your business. Our product wouldn’t be what it is without all the artists putting it to use. So, we love to feature work on our Instagram account. While not everyone of followers is going to get featured (there are over 100k of you!), we do try to feature as many as possible.

In this upcoming series, we’re going to give a few How To’s, tips and tricks, and advice for getting featured on the Angelus Direct IG account. We want to show as much love to all of you as we can, so here’s some advice on what we’re looking for: we’ll start with content.

Content basically means the types of images and videos users would find on your page. For example, content for us means our products, discounts and sales when they pop up, and featured work from all of you. We try to keep content pretty straight to the point - we’re Angelus Direct, we’re the direct source for Angelus Brand premium acrylic leather paint and this is what the product looks like when it’s used.

So when it comes to content on your IG account or YouTube channel, something we keep in mind is if the content is family friendly or not. If we feature your work, and users go to your page, will everyone be welcome? 

Another thing to consider, is your account strictly a business account? Are you posting content that highlights your custom work, your artistic skills, or your shoe restoration service? Are there before and after pictures? In progress shots? Are there tips and tricks to help other artists? This is the type of content that really shows how great the work you're doing is.

Here's an example of accessible content from our sponsored artist SneakerHeadInTheBay.

Remember, accessible, friendly content is a great way to promote IG page or YouTube channel. We’ll keep the tips coming because as always, you all make our product special. Stay tuned!

Wavy Customs

If you live near a coast, you know that people love the beach come summer. And with the beach and summer vibes are always going to be associated with waves. Even if you’re not a surfer, or Kanye, you’ve gotta appreciate the aesthetic of waves.

(Source: @titan_custom)

Artistically speaking, waves have been a fairly well-used motif for centuries. One of the most recognizable paintings that tries, and does a pretty good job, capturing the power of the ocean is ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’ by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai.

So it’s no surprise that the piece has found itself replicated on everything from shirts to custom sneakers. Since it’s summer, what’s more fitting than a wavy motif inspired by the ‘The Great Wave,’ like customizer @199xcustomize did with these adidas NMDs.

(Source: @199xcustomize)

In the painting, a rogue wave (possibly from a tsunami) is overtaking some boats. This might not be the most ideal thing to happen if you happen to find yourself out on the ocean, but there’s something calming about the way the giant wave looks in the piece. It’s probably the serene blue.

(Source: @ceezemc)

The original woodblock print is considered one of the most recognizable pieces of Japanese art. While there are older paintings in this style, Hokusai’s piece is a longstanding classic in both the serious art world and more pop culture endeavors. These Jordans, also done by @199xcustomize, have the motif going on!

(Source: @199xcustomize)

With summer slowly coming to an end pay homage to “vast blue ocean” with your own wavy customs!

(Source: @xshortytheartistx)