"Donuts. Is There Anything They Can't Do?"

The pink donut is one of those classic images that is rooted in pop culture. While the exact origin of the iconic pink donut motif isn’t totally clear, the image itself is a go-to for pop art. From Dunkin’ Donuts to Odd Future to custom sneakers and custom handbags, it shows up everywhere; even Banksy took it on.

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Boyarde Messenger is a master of pop art style. She also happens to be a Angelus Direct sponsored artist. Unlike the majority of our artists, she uses our acrylic leather paint on a very different canvas—luxury handbags. Her work might be the only reason you'll see a pink donut on a Hermes bag, but it looks incredible nonetheless.

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Depending on what age you are, you might see the pink donut and think of different things. Easter coasters and old heads might see this image and think of Dunkin’ Donuts.

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The Massachusetts powerhouse has been around since 1950. Their logo has changed over the years, but the pink and orange colorway may be the origin to the mysterious pink donut scheme.

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Sneaker customizer Ecentrik Artistry recently paid homage to America’s favorite donut shop with this Dunkin' Donuts custom.

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Even if you didn’t come up anywhere near a Dunkin’, you’ve probably seen the pink donut on television in cartoon form. The pink donut is a huge part of America’s longest running televisions show—the Simpsons. With nearly 30 years of broadcast and syndication, the Simpsons’ is a pop culture mainstay. The Simpsons have always made fun of the best and worst parts of American culture, including our love of donuts.

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You might not be a huge Simpsons fan, but you probably know Homer loves pink donuts (from Lard Lad) and beer (from Duff Beer). It’s no wonder the pink donut is used to represent the show when its the subject of an art piece or collaboration. Check out these two pairs of custom sneakers by STVR for example.

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(Source: @stvr.customs)

Our sponsored artists Sekure D, who we did a feature on a few months back, put out his own Lard Lad-inspired custom sneakers.

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ChadCantColor, another artist from the Angelus family, took the pink donut for a spin with his own Simpsons inspired custom sneakers a while back. He calls these the Homer J’s. If you’re a Simpsons fan, you get the reference.  

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For the youngins, the pink donut might take on a different meaning. Los Angeles' own Odd Future took the world by storm because they were rapping about wildness kids got up to. Apparently, this included eaten donuts because their logo also uses the pink donut motif.

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The OF pink donut pays homage to Randy’s Donuts of Inglewood, where Tyler and crew hung out before they made their way over to Fairfax. You can't go anywhere without seeing the OF logo on a pair of socks, a tie dye sweatshirt, or drawn on something. 

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The pink donut—It’s obnoxious, it’s bright, and it represents all the fun parts of growing up in the U.S.A. What other country actively eats pink donuts for breakfast?