2024 Angelus Shoe cleaning Guide

2024 Angelus Shoe cleaning Guide

We all know that New Year's celebrations can turn into wild affairs. Whether you're ringing in the new year at a house, bar, or club, chances are your shoes might not escape unscathed. From accidental spills to wayward steps, your footwear often faces the brunt of the festivities. Fortunately, Angelus Direct Cleaners are crafted to effortlessly eliminate dirt, grime, and scuffs from your shoes – a lifesaver for those who love to party.

Angelus Direct presents a range of cleaners to simplify the task of caring for your footwear. Whether you're looking to rejuvenate your canvas sneakers or shield your leather shoes from unwanted stains, we have a variety of cleaners tailored for every type of footwear. Explore our informative guide to discover the perfect cleaner for you, making shoe care a breeze! 


Angelus Easy Cleaner Kit

A reliable cleaner designed to safely refresh all surfaces, from leather and suede to nubuck, rubber, and plastic. This robust cleaner, combined with the Angelus Cleaning brush and a high-quality microfiber towel included in the kit, creates an unbeatable trio. Opt for a timeless favorite that has garnered customer loyalty over the years – because you simply can't go wrong with a classic cleaner like this!


Angelus Foam-Text Cleaning Kit

Is the freshness of your sneakers fading? When you're pressed for time and always on the move, cleaning your shoes shouldn't be a hassle. Introducing Angelus Foam-Tex Cleaner – no need for bowls or water, just a straightforward three-step process, and you're good to go. Pump directly onto the sneaker surface, scrub away dirt and grime, and finish by wiping dry for a remarkable shine. This cleaning kit is perfect for any shoe enthusiast who craves quick freshness, on-the-go, and with minimal effort. Just Pump, Scrub, & Dry! Say goodbye to unnecessary steps and wasted product.

Angelus All Purpose Cleaner

Angelus All Purpose Cleaner

This powerhouse foaming cleaner stands out as the most potent cleaner in the Angelus collection. Say farewell to dirt and grime on your athletic or hiking shoes with this quick and efficient solution. Simply unleash the foam onto your kicks, let it perform its magic for a few seconds, utilize the built-in scrubber on the cap to scrub away, and then wipe off the grime – leaving you with impeccably clean sneakers ready for any adventure! Ideal for leather shoes and rubber soles. (Exercise caution, as the strength of this cleaner may lead to color lifting on suede materials.)


Angelus Nubuck & Suede Kit

Tailored for suede, this specialized cleaner is your ticket to reviving original colors, bidding farewell to dirt and grime – all without the need for vigorous scrubbing or risking water damage. Say hello to the Angelus Nubuck & Suede Duo, your quick solution for breathing new life into cherished suede and nubuck items within minutes! The combined efficacy of a brush and eraser effortlessly tackles most soil, spots, and scuffs, ensuring your possessions regain their pristine appearance. User-friendly with no harsh chemicals required, this set is your go-to for restoring color and texture, enabling you to keep your nubuck and suede shoes and boots looking impeccable every single day!


Angelus Shoe Shine Travel Kit

Had a wild time and scuffed up your leather shoes or boots? No sweat. Preserve the splendor of your beloved leather kicks with our user-friendly wax kit – and the best part? It's travel-friendly! Everything essential for a brilliant shine is at your fingertips, from the Angelus Black Shoe Wax Polish and Lustre Cream to a 100% horsehair applicator brush. The kit also includes a 5" Shine Brush for cleaning and buffing, along with a Professional Buffing Cloth. Whether you're sporting boots or dress shoes, they can maintain their impeccable appearance 24/7, even on the go, thanks to the convenient resealable bag that keeps everything organized when not in use. Ready to exude elegance wherever life takes you? Start shining today!


Regardless of your shoe's style, Angelus Direct Cleaners are an essential addition to your arsenal for ensuring your footwear remains impeccably fresh. Our top-notch cleaners guarantee to uphold the pristine appearance of your shoes, ensuring they look their absolute best for many years to come!