What's The Agenda?

This past Wednesday and Thursday, we rolled out out to the always beautiful Long Beach, California for one of the biggest tradeshows around. We’re talking about the one and only Agenda Show.

Source: (paulbrindleyconsults.com)

If you missed Long Beach, and aren’t trying to fly out to New York, the show rolls into Sin City next. We’re pretty excited about that one because we may or may not have a booth, but Angelus Direct will be in the building, so keep your eyes peeled for us either way!

It’s always good to get out and see what’s new, what’s up and coming, and of course, what the competition is up (only joking, chill). More so, one of the reel draws at any Agenda, Long Beach especially, is what people break out of the box.

And of course we mean sneakers. Agenda is always a what’s what of the newest, rarest, and wildest shoes in the game. We’re talking about just a bunch of Yeezy’s, although we did see a few here and there, people brought even crazier footwear.

One of the hot shoes out on the floor was the Jordan 1. People still go hard for the classic colors: red, black, and white.

(Source: nike.com)




We even saw a couple ultra clean all-whites.


Some other heavy hitters came through, like the Supreme x Nike Star Dunk Hi’s. We even saw the Ray Gun SB’s from the classic, “Pink Box” era of Nike SB.

We know what you’re thinking, but it’s not like everyone there is wandering around staring at each other’s shoes. There was your quintessential “fashion blogger” snapping pictures of peoples shoes, but hey, that’s why people come out.

There were some good customs out in the mix, including J’s, Dunks, and what looked like the holy grail of customs, the Nike Air Mag. To be honest, we did try to snap a pic of those, but you know, crowds and hoverboards.

That brings us to the question: if you were at Agenda, what were you wearing?

Better yet, if you’re going to New York (July 20-21), or Las Vegas (August 17-19), what are you going to unleash? Let us know if and what you bring out for the show in upcoming months. We would love to see the real individual creativity!