Give Your Customs the Royal Treatment

For the Jordan fiend, sneakerhead, and avid custom enthusiast the term “Royal” is always going to be a great conversation starter. Sometimes, the term Royal might start a debate instead, when people follow it up with “is the best Jordan 1 colorway ever.”


Here’s the question, what do you think? Is the G.O.A.T. coloray Royal or the classic Bred colorway? This is a long debate because both colorways were iconic for the Jordan 1, have been retroed in the 2000’s, and are still one of the most coveted sneaker colorways out on the market.

Much like the OG Jordan 1 colorway, the Bred, the Royal colorway dropped in 1985 and basketball fans and sneakerheads alike fell in love. These things flew off the racks like they $175 price tag didn’t even matter. And this was during Reaganomics, so you know people were down with this shoe.

Any ways, now these things have a cult following and if an OG pair pops up in ebay, even if they’re like Size 15, people will drop a couple G’s on them. If you don’t have that kind of feta, here’s something you can do instead. Grab one of our premium custom kits for your sneakers and make your own pair of Royals.

We helped streamline your Royal 1-inspired project with our Royal 1 Custom Kit.

If you’re working on restoring a pair of Air Jordans Retros that might need some heavy TLC, why not do them up like the iconic Royal 1’s? Our Royal 1 Custom Kit has literally everything you need to wash, scrub, prep, and paint and create a pair of sneakers that look like they were fresh out of the box in 1985.

Of course, repainting a pair of Jordans is only the first step. You spread this colorway onto any Jordans, any Nikes, or literally any other sneaker you can think of. Just check out these insane customs by Angelus Direct premier sponsored artist Mache Customs.



They might not be “Royal 1’s” per se, but they influence is there.

So if you’re a fan of the Royal 1’s and want a pair of your own, or if you want to create a fresh custom job based on a true classic, Angelus has your back. Remember, the Royals are tight, but just don’t go crazy on them like this guy...