Detroit Sneaker City

Angelus Direct is going to be in Motor City this upcoming weekend. On Saturday, August 29th, Sneaker Con is going to be in Detroit. Last month the Con made its usual stop in NYC, but this is the first time they're hitting up Michigan. So if you’re a Midwest sneakerhead, customizer, or enthusiast: come through!


As you may have heard, Sneaker Con has a reputation for bringing out the masses. When the Con rolls into town, sneakerheads come out. For those who aren’t in the know, Sneaker Con is the “premier sneaker event,” as they like to call themselves. They also go by “The Greatest Sneaker Show on Earth,” and we’re not going to debate them on that. So if you’re looking to cop something rare, trade a pair you’ve been sitting on, or see what kind of fire other people are wearing, this is THE function to attend.

Basically, Sneaker Con is a traveling convention, trade show, and marketplace for sneakers and everything that has to do with sneakers, from shoe cleaner to authentication services to customization, if it’s new and keeps your joints looking fresh, it will be there. You’ll probably find some gear and accessories in the vendor booths too. For example, if you see a booth that says “ANGELUS DIRECT” you should probably pop in and see what the makers of the best custom sneaker paint are up to.

You’ll find us at the Detroit stop with all of our usual suspects. We’ll have our world-famous acrylic leather sneaker paint, a couple different cleaner (this is a must have), and some other dope products for sell. No one likes waiting on their orders to ship, so if Detroit is your spot, come pick some goodies while we have them. Not saying we’re going to sell out or anything, but just it in case…

While we’re probably top 10, we’re not even the best part about Sneaker Con. Have you ever heard of the infamous Trading Pit? You’ve probably seen pictures, like this one:


The Trading Pit is where all the action happens. People are going to buying and selling some of the rarest sneakers in the world, and you have a chance to get in on the action.

You might see some shoes you’ve only ever seen on a website up close and personal. Remember the first time you saw a Lamborghini out in the wild? You probably got that “whoa” feeling. The Trading Pit is kind of like that, you’ll see a crazy rare pair of sneakers you’ve heard about, or saw a picture of, but not in person. You might not get a chance to buy or trade for them, but you saw them and there’s still something cool about that. That’s what Sneaker Con is all about.

Check these dudes (and lady) out from the Fort Lauderdale event. They're going in!


Speaking of rarities, if you have a pair of customs that are unlike anything else, bring them down. People want to see what you can do, so show off. If you’re using our paint, come to the Angelus booth and say what’s up and show us your customs, we’d love to snap a picture for the ‘gram