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Famous Sneakers for Famous People

Sep 10, 2015

Would you pay $25,000 for two pairs of Jordan III’s? Didn’t think so. If that was your shoe budget, you could probably make it last like 10 years. That is if you’re buying the right shoes. But these two pairs of J3’s are definitely running for 25K because they’re a Drake vs. Lil Wayne sample Promo set from a tour the two rappers did a minute ago.


(Source: eBay.com)

So the sneaks are definitely rare, and there’s definitely someone out there who is going to pick them up because of the rare or because of the Drake.

These sneakers set aren’t necessarily the dopest looking set on the market or anything like that. In fact, you could probably by a pair of Air Jordan 3’s on eBay, some of our world famous acrylic leather paint in orange and yellow, and a bottle of our new GAC-900 Fabric Medium to soften the fabric and make your own customs. That’s like $300 spent max.

There’s something about celebrity co-signs that make people lose it over a pair of sneakers. As you can see with these III’s, the sneakers aren’t even the best looking thing out.


(Source: Highsnobiety.com)

In fact, the Jordan 10’s that Drake x Jordan will drop tomorrow look so much cleaner. But again, the celebrity co-sign is always going to be gold.

Remember when Nike dropped these Wu Tang joints in ‘99?


(Source: Complex.com)

They flew off the shelves. People were out there trying to get the that correct shade of goldenrod yellow to make their own.

While non-athlete celebrities are snatching up shoe deals right and left, this wasn’t always the case. Before the widespread selling points of ‘celebrity sneakers’ were realized, a rapper might have dropped their own colorway of a Dunk. Basically, it was NikeiD before that was a thing. Nowadays, a celebrity dropping a sneaker probably isn’t news to anyone, but think about this: Kanye dropped like six different shoes before the much crazed Yeezy Boost sent sneakerheads on a wild chase last month.

In fact, before these–

(Source: Theboombox.com)

there was these...


(Source: Complex.com)

And those are for two completely different companies. But the effects of a celebrity's taste are going to resonate on a massive scale. The all-red everything silhouette that Kanye first dropped with his Louis Vuitton collaboration has become synonymous with the infamous Air Yeezy II “Red Octobers.”

As you might have seen after these hit the Internet, custom sneaker artists from all over tried their hand at the “Red October” influenced sneakers. Some just pulled it off way better than others. Take for instance, our guy Jake of Dank & Co. and these Air Jordan XI’s that he did up in true Yeezy fashion.


(Source: Jwdanklefs.com)

Dank is pretty straightforward with where he picked up the inspiration for these sneakers. Now imagine if the Kanye all-red look never hit the shelves, or even the news feed. Would anyone be dropping their own version of the Octobers or any other Yeezy? Probably not.


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