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Oct 30, 2015

With Halloween is right around the corner, the question is not what you’re going to dress up as, but what you’ll have on your feet. You could base an outfit around your shoes, like all the broke-ass Marty McFly costumes you’re bound to see this year. Or you could make a piar of customs for Halloween. But remember, these are for sure one wear only sneakers.

Sure, you could be Brad Hall for Halloween?

(Source: Kicks On Fire)

Halloween customs are always an excuse for a good one off. Let’s be honest here, no one is trying to wear some Halloween themed Jordans in the middle of July. You could, but there’s something that much better about a one-wear custom sneaker. You wouldn’t wear your Halloween costume year round either.

This is the perfect holiday for a project because you can go in so many different directions. Every year, Nike drops Halloween colorway that’s usually orange and black. You could do that too. Or, you could be a little more creative and take inspiration from your favorite horror movies like they did with these Friday the 13th inspired LeBrons.

(Source: Sole Collector)

This is where Freddie Kruger comes in. There’s a handful of legendary horror movie bad guys, but Freddie is the only dude to make a green and red and a fedora look good. Mike Meyers rocked a jumpsuit and a William shatner mask. Jason Voorhees did a hockey mask. Not very original. But Freddie, that’s our guy right there. He had the crazy skin, the claw gloves, even the sweater.

(Source: Movie Pilot)

That’s why a Nightmare on Elm Street inspired sneaker is always a good look for your Halloween one-wears.

A couple of our favorite artists, El Cappy and Shme Custom Kicks, took inspiration from the film with their customs. If we didn’t mention, these are two of our sponsored artists, so this was done with Angelus Paint.

These first Freddie custom Huaraches come from Detroit wild man El Cappy. The classic Krueger sweater and blood splatters are perfect for Halloween.

(Source: @elcappy)

This next pair was done by Shme Customs. She’s got both the skin and the sweater on a pair of OG Chuck Taylors.

(Source: @kelshmeamy)

Finally we’ve got another Nightmare-inspired pair by Bud Sanfilippo of Stomping Ground Customs. These Freddy Laser 1’s  things capture the grittiness of the horror’s slickest bad boy.

(Source: @stompinggroundcustoms)

Big ups to Stomping Grounds for these guys.

These were some great Nightmare on Elm Street inspired customs, but we would love to see what else you can create for Halloween. Be sure to head over to to the @AngelusDirect IG account for some inspiration for your  #halloweenkicks.

And don't forget....

Happy Halloween everybody.

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