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Sneaker Con DC

Nov 12, 2015

In case you haven’t heard, Sneaker Con, aka #thegreatestsneakershowonearth is making a pit stop in the Nation’s Capitol this weekend. On Saturday November 14, the Washington DC Armory is packed with sneakers and sneakerheads. So if you're buying, selling, trading or just going to stunt, this is your weekend DC/Baltimore.

As per usual, Angelus Direct will be in the building to witness the madness. Our guy @sleepy76 is going to be holding down the Angelus Direct booth with a full line up of paints, cleaners, laces, and other sneaker accessories.

(Source: @sleepy76)

This is what our spot looked like in Charlotte, so come say what’s good to Sleepy and pick up some of our world famous Easy Cleaner.

The Armory in DC is huge. And we’re not just saying that, this shit is gigantic. It seats an easy 10,000 bodies, so be sure to get in early and bring a lot of cash.

(Source: Sneakercon.com)

2013’s DC stop was massive.

(Source: Sneakercon.com)

As was 2014’s, so there’s only one way this event is going: massive.

The only thing that’s going to draw a crowd close to this is the other massive sneaker drop of the weekend. It’s Yeezy season once again, this time with the Moonrock colorway. By now you probably know the drill with Yeezys, cue up online or in-store, and bet on that 1/1000 chance you’ll cop a pair.



(Source: Solecollector.com)

Or, if you’re at Sneaker Con DC, you might have be able to pick up a pair in person. But why not create your own Moonrock custom sneakers? We’ve got the best acrylic leather paint on the market, so if you’re looking for that perfect gray for your Moonrock inspired customs, we’ve got your three times over.

Hit up that Angelus hotline at #angelusdirect with your Yeezy, Yeezy inspired art, or snap a pick with us at Sneaker Con. So gear up sneakerheads, you’ve got a big weekend ahead of you.

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