7 Shoe Customizing Tips I WISH I knew Sooner

7 Shoe Customizing Tips I WISH I knew Sooner

In the vibrant world of sneaker customization, Cassie from Cassie Customs unveils her treasure trove of insights on YouTube, guiding enthusiasts through the meticulous process of transforming ordinary sneakers into bespoke masterpieces. With a passion for merging art history with contemporary fashion, Cassie's journey through the customization process is a testament to her skill and creativity, especially highlighted in her renowned "Art History Air Force Ones."

 Using Free Shoe Design Templates from Angelusdirect.com

 1. Utilizing Free Mockup Templates: Cassie kickstarts her advice with a game-changer: the use of free mockup templates available online. This tool, essential for both beginners and seasoned artists, allows for a virtual canvas to experiment with designs, ensuring that the final product is a mutual vision between artist and client. It's a digital rehearsal space, bridging imagination and reality, saving both time and resources, while allowing the you or your client to get an accurate idea of the final product.

 Angelus All Purpose Applicator Pads

 2. Use All Purpose Applicator Pads: The foundation of any great artwork is its canvas, and for sneaker customizers, this means the sneaker itself. Cassie underscores the importance of using All-Purpose Applicator Pads to meticulously prepare the surface, a step that ensures longevity and vibrancy of the artwork to be applied. Using All-Purpose Applicator Pads, as opposed to coton balls, will allow for a smoother working experience that involves less fibers left behind on the leather.

Testing mixed Angelus Paint colors

 3. Color Testing, Paint Dries Darker: An artist's palette is their language, and mastering it requires understanding the nuances of paint behavior. Cassie shares a crucial tip about testing paint colors after drying, as they often darken, affecting the final outcome. This step is vital for achieving the exact hue intended. It is always beneficial to brush your mixed colors onto some spare materials to let them dry, allowing you to see your final color and makes any needed changes before painting your project.

 Painting Angelus Paint onto a shoe in thin and light coats

 4. Paint in Light Coats: The application technique can make or break the aesthetic of customized sneakers. Cassie advocates for the use of light coats of paint, a method that not only prevents the paint from cracking but also ensures an even, professional finish. This approach requires patience but results in a superior quality.

 Using Tracing paper to create a stencil for painting shoes

 5. Transferring Designs with Tracing Paper: Cassie introduces a novel method of transferring designs onto sneakers using tracing paper, ensuring accuracy and symmetry in the application. This technique allows for a seamless integration of intricate designs onto the complex surfaces of sneakers.

 Using 2-Thin for Washes and Details while painting with Angelus Paints

6. Use 2-Thin for Washes and Details: Borrowing from the old masters, Cassie reveals her favorite painting technique, glazing, to add depth and dimension to her designs. This method, which involves creating translucent layers of paint, offers a dynamic range of effects, from subtle shading to vibrant highlights, bringing the artwork to life.

Cleaning paint brush while using 4-Coat Finisher

7. Keep your Brush Clean for a Smooth Finish: The final touch, applying a finisher A clean brush and careful application ensure the best application of the finisher possible. Be sure to clean your brush often with Brush Cleaner to keep the finisher from drying while on your brush and leaving streaks during application.


Cassie's tutorial is not just a step-by-step guide but an invitation to explore the art of sneaker customization with the heart of an artist and the precision of a craftsman. Her work, including these "Roman Empire Air Force Ones," stands as a testament to what can be achieved when creativity meets technique. For those looking to embark on their own customization journey, Cassie's insights offer a roadmap to transforming sneakers into wearable art.