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Jan 8, 2016

What's new in 2016? We hope you had a great Christmas and New Years. 2015 was a huge year for Angelus Direct thanks to all of you out there. Thank you for sharing and creating with our product, let's keep it moving in 2016.

January means it's that time of the year again in Southern California, the one and only Agenda Show is back in Long Beach, CA at the Convention Center. For buyers and sellers in streetwear, sneaker, and skate and surf industries, this is one of the biggest trade shows in the US. Basically whatever fire is going to drop for Spring and Summer '16, from sneakers to clothes to gear, is shown here first. So it's always a great to see what's going to come out next.


Long Beach is a couple towns over from the Angelus Brand headquarters, but this is the first year we're exhibiting out on the trade show floor. You can find us at K17, were we have a full line up of our acrylic leather paint, sneaker accessories, premium sneaker laces. We're excited to be on the floor with some legendary sneaker companies and plenty of other badass up-and-coming brands.

So if you've ever wanted to meet and chat with someone from the Angelus team, roll through. We've met some incredible people so far, and would love to meet more sneakerheads, customizers, and artists that use our product. We're here for the next couple hours, so come chat.

But we didn't want to simply set up a booth and hang out. We're honored to have the super talent sneaker artist Chad Carothers creating some amazing live art.

(Source: @chadcantcolor)

Chad had been putting in work on some Agenda themed customs. If you haven't seen Chad's work yet, check him out his online store and or his Instagram. Our guy makes using acrylic leather paint look easy!

We've got something in store for everyone out there who can't make it down to #agenda2016. Yesterday we gave these bad boys away and today we're going to drop another 1 of 1 custom paint job done by Chad. We're giving away a pair of custom sneakers, Blood Dragon 1's, painted by a true custom master. Obviously, these are going to be one of a kind, so be sure to repost the image below, follow, and hashtag.

Get on this ladies and gentleman. We're going to pick a winner in the next few hours, so stay tuned! 

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