Spring Custom Sneaker Colorways for the Winter

During the Fall and Winter months sneakers and clothes usually go darker. Basically the sun is shining less, it's cold out, its wet, possibly snowing if you live in like midwest; so dark clothes and dark kicks basically fit the general mood.

We were expecting to see a lot of customs that fall into that category, like these dark camo/military-inpsired laser joints by Gabe Paniagua aka Brahma Customs.

(Source: @brahmacustoms)

But that's not the case; it's still the middle of winter but people are already breaking out those Spring looks. If you've been lurking the #angelusdirect page on IG lately, you might have noticed an interesting trend. We make that acrylic leather paint bright, and people are putting it to use this Winter. There's a lot of colorful, gradient-style custom sneakers popping up on the thread.

Take these Stripes 5 for example done by the talented VAB the Artist.

(Source: @v.a.b.)

This bright paint job makes these sneakers look like they came straight out of Miami beach, when in fact VAB is holding down windy Chicago. These are the colors you use when you have warmer days on your mind.

While those VAB joints have more of an old-school tie dye vibe to them, these Huaraches down by Marney Boi Customs are color fade gradient. These are like a reminder that's going to stop raining be warm again soon.

(Source: @marney_boi_customs)

Which is dope, especially if your spot got rained out by the El Niño this year. One thing's for sure though, you don't want to wear these when it's wet outside.

The color gradient look is going strong. Check out these AF1's by young start up the name of Badhabit Sneakers. They look like they could be some badass Lisa Frank sticker your favorite homegirl had on her folder back in the day.

(Source: @badhabitsneakers)

This mysterious IG is pretty fresh to the game, but Badhabit is doing some incredible work. We're looking forward to seeing more these crazy customs.

So its pretty clear that the custom community isn't letting a gloomy winter get to them. Or they're making bright customs to remind them that spring is around the corner. Either way, keep up the good work fan, bright colors or nah. As always be sure to tag #angelusdirect