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Valentine's Day with Angelus Direct

Feb 14, 2016

Holiday’s get a lot of hate these days. From that one salty, always single dude in your group to the far corners of the Internet, people LOVE to hate on Valentine’s Day. From a single person’s point of view, we get it—everyone around you is obnoxiously in love on Valentine’s Day, especially those couples you know actually hate each other...

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For those of you celebrating it with your significant other, there’s the fear that you’re just not going to get the right present. Well here’s a suggestion from the people at Angelus: get her/him a pair of dope sneakers. Sure, you could always buy one of those Valentine’s Day releases. Those are cool sometimes, but they either drop before or after the actual day. Take these special V Day-themed Air Jordan 12’s for example; they're out in March. MARCH!

(Source: Sneakernews.com)

If you tried to hit bae with an "I.O.U. some Jordans in March," you better believe you’re spending the night on the couch. Plus, that’s a lot of pink. You better hope they love pink that much. If you're not trying to wait until March for Valentine's Jordans and bae loves bright pink, grab a bottle of our Tahitian Pink and get to work.

For the more adventurous gift-givers out there, think about making a custom sneaker. Even if it's too late this year, there’s always next time right? Or even tomorrow in case you really dropped the ball with some sad roses and a half eaten box of chocolates. Nothing says love like a fully customized, hand painted, well-thought out, one-of-one sneaker for your significant other. You could buy them sneakers, or you could use Angelus Direct paint to make your own. Which one of those options says "love" just a little bit more? Probably the customized one.

Luckily, people are always doing great stuff with our products, holiday or not, so there's plenty of inspiration out there. Take for example these custom Ultra Boosts that our friend Tragik1993 dropped today.

(Source: @tragik1993)

This is Valentine’s Day fire right here. Pablo (West) himself couldn’t have given Kim a cleaner pair of Adidas today. As always, another Angelus sponsored customizer is killing the game.

Next up, we found these customs out on the #angelusdirect thread, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Germany-based sneaker and apparel customizers Born Originals put a Comme Des Garcons spin on a pair of classic AF1’s.

(Source: @bornoriginals)

The well known CDG heart is typically found on Converse, but with Born’s application of our paint, it looks perfect on this pair of Nike’s.

And finally, we came across some more Valentine’s Day creativity from another up-and-comer out there in the #angelusdirect community. These Jordan 4’s aptly titled “4 the LOVE” were done by customizer KidKustoms.

(Source: @kidkustoms)

The classic red and white color scheme on these 4’s make them the perfect gift. Better than roses in my opinion, and they’ll definitely last longer than two days. Great job KidKustoms, keep up the work!

So whether you’re flying solo this Valentine’s Day, or you’re faithfully committed to bae, Angelus Direct wants to spread the holiday love. For the rest of the day, we’re giving 15% off your entire order with this code.

Pick up some of our world famous acrylic leather paint and get a head start on next year’s present, make up for some weak flowers you picked up the grocery store, or just go that extra mile for him/her. And if not, if you’re that single person today, don’t be bitter, buy yourself some supplies and make yourself some anti-Valentine’s Day sneakers. Whatever you do, feel the love from Angelus Direct!


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