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Feb 20, 2016

This week we added a few new additions to our Angelus Direct Sponsored Artists page. If you happened to stop by our booth at the recent Agenda in Long Beach, you might have seen a guy painting some incredibly detailed designs. That was Chad Carothers, aka ChadCantColor, a talented multi-medium artist, who also happens to be the newest addition to the Angelus-sponsored family.

Chad has been creating work for the action industry world for many years now, so there’s a chance that someone, somewhere is surfing/skating a board with one of his designs at any given moment. In recent years the list of places where his work can be found has grown, so you might catch his work on a pair of sneakers, or on a car, or on a t-shirt.

(Source: @chadcantcolor)

Some artists might be inspired by the canvas or the medium, while others are inspired by their own artistic vision. Many customizers work is focused on the sneaker, or take influences from latest trends in contemporary menswear and streetwear, but Chad’s work uses the sneaker as a type of canvas. So instead of creating customs to look like the new Yeezy Boosts, which is totally rad too, Chad is drawing from his different influences for a totally unique design. He takes this same approach to painting a mural or putting a design on the hood of a car.

(Source: @chadcantcolor)

The cool thing about Chad’s approach to sneaker customs is his diverse artistic influences. From a glance, his work might remind you of tattoo flash art, particularly ‘New School’ style. Unlike traditional tattoos, think sailors and anchors and girls in hula skirts, New School tattooing incorporates graffiti, cartoon lettering, heavy outlines and bright coloring.


(Source: @chadcantcolor)


While New School is said to have started in California, there is something familiar about this style for Southern California locals. You’ll probably see New School tattoo’s on someone's arms, or thrown up on the wall of a building, or as Chad has been putting it, on a pair of Jordans.

(Source: @chadcantcolor)

There is also an element of ‘kustom kulture’ in Chad’s work. For those unfamiliar, the kustom world is centered around old school, heavily modified hotrods. The design element to it also takes that old school, 1950’s style and flips it into something new. 

(Source: @chadcantcolor)

Image the painstaking design put into pinstriping the hood of a Cadillac, that’s where Chad is coming from when he puts a design on a sneaker. But circling back, the time it would take to throw up an intricate graffiti piece.


(Source: Mtbr.com)

Chad’s artistic background is as colorful as his custom sneaker designs. While his work might be seen on a surfboard, it might be seen in a gallery, or an museum. Or while he's knocking out a pair of custom of sneakers, he could also be creating a licensed design for New Balance (true story). OR he might be doing a commissioned mural or painting for a trade show. Basically, Chad is a busy dude and his work ends up in a bunch of different places! So if you want another perspective on custom sneakers, be sure to check out his page to see more gems like these...

(Source: @chadcantcolor)

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