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Angelus Tutorials: Custom Watch Bands

Mar 7, 2022 · Airbrush · Angelus Matte 4-Coat · Angelus Paints · Apple Watch · Customs · Stencils · Watches

There's no limit to what you can customize and leather items especially lend themselves to customization. From an everyday watch to some of the most high-end, a customized leather watch band is the perfect way to put your personal stamp on an accessory.


-Watch bands


-Cotton balls



-Paint brush

-Matte 4-Coat 

1. Deglaze

The first step is to prepare the leather for painting by using deglazer to remove any finish. You can use a cotton ball to apply the deglazer. 

2. Painting and Stenciling

Choose the design you want to apply, either by hand painting or with a stencil. Here a checker pattern stencil is applied to the band to help create a clean design. 

Thin coats of paint, about three or four, applied with a fine brush will help create a clean look.

For this design smiley faces in a custom yellow add some color to the black and white background. This yellow is created using flat white, yellow and orange

When both areas are painted the stencils can be removed.

3. Top Coat

When the design has dried applying some Matte 4-Coat will help protect the paint and give the leather some sheen, giving it that professional, finished look. 

You can also use any combination of brushes, air brushes and stencils, just like with any other custom.

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