Angelus Tutorials: Pop Art Hand Painted Designer Wallet

Angelus Tutorials: Pop Art Hand Painted Designer Wallet

Just because a designer bag or wallet is already covered in logos doesn't mean you can't find a way to make it your own. The real concern when customizing something as expensive as a designer wallet is making mistakes, since the item you are customizing won't be cheap to replace. This tutorial shows step by step how to paint a new design on a wallet, while minimizing your chances for error.


-iPad or laptop
-Masking tape
-Detail Knife
-Flat white
-Fine brush
-Black paint
-White paint
-Brown paint
-Orange paint
-Pink paint
-Grey paint
-Satin 4-Coat


1. Creating Your Design

To ensure your design fits on the wallet either draw it on an iPad or laptop, or take a photo of your drawing. This allows you to resize the image so it fits the area on the wallet you want to customize.

2. Create Your Stencil

Once the design is the size you want, tape over the screen. The design should still be visible through the masking tape, allowing you to trace around the design. When the design has been traced, remove the sheet of tape and place on a mat where the design can be cut out to create your stencil. You can use the tape to create a stencil for the main outline of design and another for more detailed parts of the design. 


3. Deglazing and Applying the Base Coat

With the main stencil outline down, it's important to deglaze the area and apply a base coat in flat white for the design. 

4. Tracing in Fine Details

Use the more detailed stencil to trace in the hair and face with a pencil, then do the same with the eyes and lips.

5. Outline Line Work

Use a fine brush and black paint to start on the line work. This will help create clear areas where you will add color.

6. Add color

When painting skin tones it can be helpful to start with a white base and add color slowly, so that you achieve the correct tone. Skin tones are usually made up of browns, oranges and pinks, but adding grey can also help with making it look more natural.

Once all the color has been added, go back in and thicken the black outline to help clean up the design.

7. Add a Clear Coat

When you're finished painting the design be sure to seal it with Satin 4-Coat. This will protect the paint from water, scratches or any other wear and tear the wallet might face.

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