Angelus Tutorials: Space Jam 2 Custom Lebron Kids Shoes

Angelus Tutorials: Space Jam 2 Custom Lebron Kids Shoes

With the release of Space Jam 2 a pair of custom Bugs Bunny Lebron Witness 5s is a no brainer. Tommy from @BearGallery is breaking down all the steps for creating these Space Jam 2 customs. 

1. Deglaze

To prepare the shoe for painting it has to be deglazed. This can be done with Angelus Preparer and Deglazer. You can also sand lightly with a high grit sandpaper first to ensure the surface is rough enough for the paint to adhere.

2. Draw Bugs Bunny and Tweety Bird

Tommy uses the existing design to inspire this custom, drawing Bugs holding the golden swoosh over his shoulder like a carrot. Tommy has a few drawing tips, including squinting when looking at your design inspiration so you're not overly focused on one detail and break the design down into shapes. For example the head and feet of Tweety Bird in this image are about the same size, but that's not obvious at first look. Squinting helps you see the overall proportions.

3. Mixing Angelus Paint

Now it's time to mix your custom colors. Tommy uses flat black, flat white, red and black for Bugs Bunny. He also adds Angelus 2-Hard since he'll be painting on plastic film. For the outline on Bugs he adds some flat white to the black so the line doesn't look as harsh. To finish he mixed yellow and blue to paint a green carrot top to the swoosh.

Tweety Bird is just orange and yellow, with white and blue eyes. First he paints everything yellow and then goes back in to paint the whites of the eyes.

4. Painting the Midsoles

To give this pair that Space Jam feel he adds a splatter design. First this requires taping off the midsoles with Red Vinyl Tape. He mixes violetblue and white to match the purple accents, then creates a neon green with yellowblue and white. He creates the splatter pattern by applying paint to a brush and then tapping it over the surface.

Remove the tape and you have your own custom Space Jam 2 Lebron Witness 5s!

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