Angelus Tutorials: Squid Game Custom Vans

Angelus Tutorials: Squid Game Custom Vans

Meghan Boehm

Oct 12, 2021

With Squid Game madness taking over everywhere Angelus Tutorials is bringing you some Squid Game custom Vans so you can get in on the trend. Sponsored artist Sophie Saldana walks us through everything from fading to shading on this pair of customs.

1. Base Coat

Since these are canvas customs start with two coats of Angelus Flat White Paint. This will create a screen print like texture that will be easier to sketch and paint on.

2. Sketching the Design

Using pencil you can free hand sketch the design onto the toe of the shoe. The white background from the base coat should make it easy to see the pencil markings when you're ready to paint.

3. Painting the Blues

Inspired by the blue playground room on the show, @sophiesophss mixed three light blues to use for the background. Starting with the lightest blue, she builds up coats of paint to create the background. She then goes over the light blue with a slightly darker color using a scribble motion, to create that crayon drawing look from the show. She uses the darkest blue to outline the white clouds in blue and scribbled more blue onto the clouds themselves.

4. Painting the Guards

For the guards @sophiesophss recommends creating three or four different reds using the same base color. She did this by creating one main red and then adding grey to create a second red and white to create a third. This will allow them to blend well together. 

Start by color blocking the red areas with the main red. Add shadows with the darkest red and highlights using the lighter red. To really give definition to the design, add some black to the base coat for the darkest shadows.

Add black to finish off the faces the guards themed shoe.

5. Painting the Candy Design

The other shoe features a candy design inspired the dalgona game from the show. Fill in the blue sky background to match the other shoe and then paint whatever Squid Game inspired shapes you want for your candy, just be sure to use shading like you did with the guards to give the candy some depth.

More Custom Tutorials

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