Crafty Kids

Crafty Kids

Adults aren't the only ones that like to get creative. There are endless crafts that use paint to create one of a kind pieces both you and your kid will be proud of.  From the easy to the more involved, here's some inspiration for your next kids craft project.

Leaf Creatures

(source: Local Circles)

With kids heading back to school, fall is right around the corner. Pick up a few fallen leaves at the park and create your own leaf animals. Whether it's bugs or foxes, let the shape of your leaf help you decide which creature to turn it into. These bug leaves from Local Circles cover each leaf with bright colors, like scarlet red and use white and black for the faces. Give your leaf bugs some sheen with Angelus Pearlescent paint in a color like Emerald Green, the perfect choice for a beetle.

(source: Handmade Charlotte)

These foxes use the natural orange of the fallen leaves as the background, a perfect fit for a fox, and add a simple color palette of white and black to fill in the eyes, nose, mouth and whiskers.

Keychain Critters

(source: Between the Lines)

For a craft that's adorable and practical try making your own keychain critters. Simply cut out the shape of your animals face and ears, with a little extra at the top to create a slit so it in be folded over. Us a grommet to secure the slit and make these faces 3D. Then use Angelus Paints to add details like eyes and ears. 

Fabulous Furniture

(source: Pinterest)

Looking for a bigger project for your kids? Take an old piece of furniture and turn it into their own personal canvas. Reupholster the piece in a heavy white material like duck cloth and let them turn it into a functional piece of art. Just be sure to add Angelus 2-Soft Fabric Medium to your paint, that way you can ensure that the paint will properly adhere to the fabric.

For more inspiration follow Angelus Styles on Instagram.