Custom Air Jordan 1 Tutorial + More Great Customs

Custom Air Jordan 1 Tutorial + More Great Customs

Custom Air Jordan 1 Elephant Print

If you're new to making customs or you just need ideas for your next project, our custom tutorials on our YouTube channel are a great way to practice your skills while creating amazing sneakers.

In one of our latest tutorials, sponsored artist @kattycustoms walks you through as she customizes a pair of Air Jordan 1 High Bloodlines. Check out the full tutorial to find out what materials you need to create these customs and see how you can use detail brushes to create some interesting patterns.

Bape Air Force 1s
(source: @ianjpaintedit)

Brand collabs make for some of the best drops every year, but some of the best collabs are the ones made by our sponsored artists.

For example, check out these Valentine's Day Air Force 1s by sponsored artist @ianjpaintedit, featuring a pink Bape camo design on the upper, red leather laces, and gold aglets to cap off the design.

European Air Jordan 1
(source: @kattycustoms⁠)⁠

Sometimes, you have to think outside of the box to create an original pair of customs -- just like @kattycustoms did with these custom Jordan 1s.

These customs feature the European map laid out across a pair of Jordan 1s -- not something you normally see on a pair of customs.

If you want to create your own similar pair, make sure to pick up a 12 color assortment kit to get all the colors you need.

Galactic Coastline
(source: @bbizon)

It's always a good day when sponsored artist @bbizon drops a new pair of customs.

For this unique pair of customs, this artist's customer wanted something featuring the beach and outer space together, leading to the creation of the “Galactic Coastline” Air Force 1s.

These clean customs feature the coastline starting at the toe and blending into outer space as it moves towards the heel. This unique combo will definitely be one of the most original pairs of customs you'll see in a while.

Lego Air Force 1
(source: @kingdom_made)

You don't always need to change up the entire colorway or paint a complex design to make a clean pair of customs. Sometimes, a small change makes a major difference.

For Nike shoes, one of the best ways to make your customs stand out is to play around with the classic Swoosh logo. Sponsored artist @kingdom_made designed these custom Air Force 1s, featuring a Lego Swoosh to take them to the next level.

Don't forget to follow Angelus on Instagram to see more customs like these, and check out our online store to grab the tools and materials you need to create your own pair of customs.