Custom Slides

Sometimes, there is nothing worse than the idea of having to put shoes on. This could be for a number of reasons—maybe you're in full chill-mode, or maybe it’s July and 100° outside. Whatever the reason, sometimes wearing a pair of sandals is totally appropriate. But if you’re not trying to get caught in the middle of the roast session, you might want to avoid flip flops or Birkenstocks, the preferred sandal at your local Starbucks.


Wearing sandals is a dicey topic when it comes to men’s fashion. Cam’ron famously made fun of Jay Z for wearing flip flops with the line, “How's the king of New York rocking sandals with jeans?” Mind you, Jay was basically a middle aged dad at that point in his career (even though this was pre-child and 10 years ago).

Clearly though, Cam-ron has a preferred sandal and the flip flop isn't it.


This is where slides come into play. Slides are like the acceptable, cooler cousin of flip flops. Some might call them shower shoes, but don’t let the haters deter you. Slides have long been a staple for post-game, post-party, pre-breakfast, it’s a 100° outside footwear scenarios.

(Source: @stayfreshcustoms)

While the sandal itself has been around for a couple 1,000 years now (Jesus rocked a pair), the slide is a contemporary spin that somehow allows the wearer carte-blanche. Basically, they slides allow you to look cool and stay cool in a situation that calls for sandals. The basic slide is essentially a strap across the top and a footbed; not hard to design, but it wasn’t until the 1970’s that the model which is popular today was created.


In 1972, German footwear giants adidas came out with the Adilette marketed as a post-game shower shoe that was easy to get on, easy to walk around in, and kept the player’s feet comfortable. Since its inception, the Adilette crossed over into the commercial market as a somehow fashionable, but easy-to-wear foot covering when your levels of caring in the “very low” range.


The strange thing about the slide is that it can move between worlds with relative ease, so you might see a pair dressed up during NYFW or dressed down in the locker room, on your favorite rapper, or a regular Joe at the grocery store. 


Maybe you’re not sold on slides because they have come in a limited color palette. Most ready to buy versions of the slide are going to be pretty basic; so black and white, unless you’re buying a pair of Gucci’s. That’s why we recommend doing what you do best and turning them into a pair of customs with Angelus Brand paint. You might not be familiar with the process, or need a little inspiration, so we made a step-by-step video for your custom slides need.

Of course, the Angelus Brand YouTube channel has more than How-To videos for slides. Be sure to subscribe for more tips and tricks and other information to meet your custom sneaker needs.