Custom Sneaker Spotlight: December 2021

Custom Sneaker Spotlight: December 2021

Customs this December found inspiration everywhere, from the holidays to wedding days. Some found fresh new color ways, while others relied on expertly painted details to make some of the most inspiring customs this holiday season. Check them out below and let them inspire you for the coming year.

(source: @julia.miaw)

What would Christmas be without Santa and Coca-Cola? A whole lot less fun, as these Coca-Cola Christmas Air Force 1s can prove. From a Coca-Cola tied up with a bow, to the Coca-Cola polar bears, these customs by @julia.miaw celebrate the classic ads down to the last detail in Santa Claus red and white.

(source: @truebluecustoms)

Speaking of redwhite and green, what about tomato custom Old Skool Vans? Why not, asks @truebluecustoms? These customs created for @appharvest celebrates everyone's favorite summer produce with expertly painted tomatoes still on the vine. The green @appharvest logo on the toe and details on the heel finish these customs off. Angelus 2-Soft Fabric Medium is a must for adding to Angelus Paint on this canvas pair.

(source: @astrotorfcustoms)

Every bride needs a special pair of shoes to remember their special day and customs are the perfect way to celebrate. @astrotorfcustoms created this pair of Air Jordans as a surprise for some lucky newlyweds. The uppers pair light and dark pink with cream for a lovely color combination. The wedding date in gold perfectly matches the Gold Leather Laces for a pair and a day they'll never forget.

(source: @taicustomkicks)

These Air Jordan 1 Low's by @taicustomkicks take a new color way to the next level, with shading and dripping details that give this pair added dimension. The blue, yellow, red and purple combination is balanced out by the fresh white background on the uppers. Details, like blueyellow and red dripping onto the swoosh, add interest and make it known these aren't your off the shelf Air Jordans.⁠⁠

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