Custom Sneaker Spotlight: July 2022

Custom Sneaker Spotlight: July 2022

As the weather continues to heat up this summer, July customs saw one major trend: red. From marble effects in deep red to classic cartoon characters in bright red, it found a way to help the latest customs make an impact. We also saw a number of customizers using Angelus paints to create pieces they couldn't buy, either because they were too expensive or didn't exist.

Find these designs below and all the paints and supplies you need to create your own red themed customs at Angelus Direct.

Nike Chicago Marble Air Force 1

(source: @kiramadethis)

When @kiramadethis couldn't afford to buy her favorite shoes she just created her own version of the Chicago Marble Air Force 1s. That's exactly what Angelus Direct likes to see, where the motto is create what you can't have. She uses red and black marbling with white veining on the swoosh and uppers broken up with blocks of white to recreate this Chicago Bulls themed sneaker. This is a great example of how with a little talent and creativity anything is within reach, even the sneakers you covet the most.

Elmo and Cookie Monster Nike Air Force 1

 (source: @wipupcustoms)

The Air Force 1 gets a monster makeover with this Sesame Street custom by @wipupcustoms. Elmo red and Cookie Monster blue give these customs that playful, primary color look. Cookie accents in brown and tan and blue sky details give these sneakers a perfect finishing touch. @wipupcustoms leaves the eyelets, sole, laces and pull tab white to keep things light. All these details come together to make a pair of sneakers kids and adults will appreciate.

Mickey Mouse Nike Air Jordan

(source: @theblondlasagna)

Another customs kids and kids at heart will love is this Mickey inspired pair. The Air Jordan gets a Mickey Mouse makeover by the @theblondlasagna. With that iconic glove in white and black gripping the iconic Nike swoosh in dark red, these clean customs put a spin on this Nike classic. She keeps things simple with color blocking on the uppers in white, black and pink.

Nike BAPE Rhapsody Air Force 1

(source: stickynation_)

BAPE Rhapsody Air Force 1s? Here stickynation_ takes the 'create what you can't have' ethos to the next level with a Nike and BAPE mash up. It doesn't matter if it hasn't happened yet, if you can imagine something then you can create it. With BAPEs looking so similar to the Air Force 1 it's a natural combination. Pair this custom with a fresh tape reveal and you have a winning combination. Pinker tones on the uppers are paired with white and black accents really make this design stand out.

Nobody appreciates just how innovative and unique custom sneaker designs can be than Angelus Direct. It just takes the right Angelus paints. Check out Angelus Direct to find everything you need to create your own one of a kind pieces. To see more customs like these make sure to follow Angelus on Instagram and tag us in your own custom creations.